Wait Until You Hear the SICK Thing Hillary Said About Four Dead Americans [VIDEO]

To say that Hillary Clinton is a heartless, robotic, poor excuse for a human being would be putting it mildly. But, even she takes the cake with this one.

Hillary Clinton and her serial philandering husband want you to forget not only about his numerous alleged assaults of women and their ‘nuts and sluts’ smear campaign to cover-it-up, they also don’t want you to remember that Hillary’s hands are smeared with the blood of the four men who died at Benghazi.

In fact, Hillary must believe she is so adept at rewriting history that she will lie through her donkey-style teeth to provide cover for herself.

At the Democrat town hall on Monday, Hillary Clinton had the disgusting audacity to say that no one died in Libya, i.e. Benghazi.

“Changing from a dictator [Muammar Gaddafi] who has hollowed out your country to something resembling a functioning state–and hopefully a more democratic one–doesn’t happen overnight,” she said. “We’ve got to continue to support the Libyan people to give them a chance. Because, otherwise, you see what’s happened in Syria with the consequences of millions of people flooding out of Syria, with more than 250,000 people killed, with terrorist groups like ISIS taking up a huge swath of territory.”

“Libya was a different kind of calculation,” she said. “We didn’t lose a single person.”

Four names for you, you heartless being.

Christopher Stevens. Tyrone S. Woods. Sean Smith. Glen Doherty.

Then again, Hillary Clinton has already gone on record numerous times calling the families of the men who died ‘liars.’ She’ll do anything to get ahead, including smearing the families who lost loved ones due to her negligence.


WATCH Hillary lie and continue to insult the legacies of the men who died at Benghazi.

h/t The Federalist

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Jennifer Burke
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