Wait Until You Hear the Word Ben Carson Used to Describe Obama

During a recent interview with GQ for a profile on the potential 2016 Presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson said something off the record that offers insight into how the infamous neurosurgeon thinks about Barack Obama’s psyche.

Carson’s adviser, Armstrong Williams, commented that Obama “looked good” during his State of the Union address. That drew a quick retort from Carson who said, “Like most psychopaths. That’s the way they look; they always look great.”

Jason Zengerle, the reporter conducting the interview, included this spontaneous conversation in his article. The exchange between the two men did not end there. Armstrong, perhaps trying to diffuse the situation, according to Zengerle, responded, “He’s gotta convince people to believe him. That’s all he’s doing: selling his narrative.”

To this, Carson said something that many others have also said about Barack Obama. He said, “But he knows he’s telling a lie! He’s trying to sell what he thinks is not true! He’s sitting there saying, ‘These Americans are so stupid, I can tell them anything.’”

Given the words of Obama himself during an interview conducted by George Stephanopolous a few months ago, Dr. Carson may not be far from the truth in saying that Obama thinks Americans are stupid. In addition to his Obamacare architect, Jonathan Gruber, saying precisely that about Americans, Obama himself said during the interview, “One of the things about our society which is great is that we don’t have real long memories.  And, you know, we get –- we get impatient for the next thing.”

h/t The Daily Caller

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Jennifer Burke
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