Wait Until You See What This District Wants to Give 11-Year Olds

Progressives have taken God out of schools. They have created nonsensical curriculum in Common Core that has been proven to simply be a money making scheme. They have even pushed to teach children as young as kindergartners about sex as part of their continued effort to tear down any semblance or morality left in society.

Now, the San Francisco Unified School District wants to push the limits even further. They want to provide condoms to 11-year olds, with or without their parents’ consent or even knowledge.

Progressives have often pushed the notion that kids are going to have sex, so they may as well have ‘safe sex.’ They laugh at the notion of abstinence as leftists in Hollywood constantly feed a sex-obsessed culture through movies, television shows and even commercials. The board of directors of the San Francisco Unified School District will discuss a proposal on February 1 to provide condoms and educational materials regarding usage with each package.

EAGNews reports on this attempt to encourage sexual activity among 11-year olds behind their parents backs.

“Condoms are provided to the schools from the San Francisco Department of Public Health, and are packaged with educational and instructional materials,” the Examiner reports. “Middle school students would need to meet with a school social worker or district nurse before receiving condoms.”

The goal, Carranza said, is the curb sexually transmitted diseases and prevent teen pregnancies.

“I think that to the extent that our Healthy Kids Survey finds that kids are actually engaging in sexual behavior in middle school, then we want to make sure that they’re as safe as they can be, and as well-educated as they ban be about the implications of that,” Rachel Norton, commissioner on the program committee, told the news site.

Parents will not even be able to opt their children out of this program, and they’ll have no idea whether or not their child is going in for “counseling” to get their free condoms.

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This is a perfect example of why it is necessary for parents to be involved in their child’s complete educational experience. It is shameful that schools are seeking to undermine the parental role when it comes to their child and sexual activity by pushing their immorality onto vulnerable children while simultaneously hiding it from their parents.

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