Wait, What? Obama’s State Dept Lists “Bringing Peace to Syria’ as an Accomplishment of 2015

For those who have not been under a rock for the past few years, it should come as no surprise to discover that Syria has devolved into outright chaos. With several factions vying for the country and bloodshed being painfully common throughout, Syria remains engulfed in wholesale carnage.

So, it seems odd that Obama’s State Department is bragging about their supposed role in bringing peace and stability to Syria…

Like an end-of-year Christmas letter to detail the accomplishment of family members, the State Department recently published a recap of the State Department’s alleged accomplishments and in it, State Department Spokesman John Kirby included the bold subheadline: “Bringing Peace, Security to Syria.”

That’s like saying they brought surfing to Oklahoma…

The explanation details the financial aid offered to those affected by the war and the slight political pressure applied to the Assad Regime.

“The United States and many members of the international community have stepped up to aid the Syrian people during their time of need — the United States has led the world in humanitarian aid contributions since the crisis began in 2011,” Kirby said.

Kirby also touted the official Obama lie that the U.S. is “winning [the] fight against violent extremists” and also maintained,

“Although challenges remain, we have made positive strides over the last year, including in our fight against ISIL. This forward progress will only continue as more countries pledge resources to the anti-ISIL effort and as citizens around the world increasingly reject ISIL’s misguided ideology.”

The document also highlights as supposed “achievements” the thawing of relations with the despotic Castro regime in Cuba, securing a deal with Iran which offers a release of economic sanctions in exchange for a promise of slowing-down on their development of nuclear weapons and securing a climate change accord that serves as little else but mere promises.

Putting a positive spin on issues is one thing- all politicians do that. However, pretending that this administration has done anything to further peace in Syria is not only less-than-truthful, when we see the numerous ways in which the Obama administration has helped strengthen ISIS, it seems clear that it is an outright lie.

Not only is the Obama Administration working to facilitate the sponsoring of terrorism by Iran by working to lift damaging economic sanctions from the radical state, but the Pentagon has been unwilling to bomb ISIS targets out of fear of incurring civilian casualties. Instead, they have opted to drop leaflets 45 minutes prior to military engagements so as to warn everybody of the incoming ordnance.

This disheartening news comes after the Pentagon confirmed that American forces were disallowed from dropping 75% of their bombs on likely targets of ISIS activity out of fear of incurring civilian casualties.

If the Obama administration were truly interested in furthering peace, they would be taking the fight to ISIS in a severe fashion.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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