WAPO Columnist’s Suggested Running Mate for Clinton Should Make You Cringe

Although corrupt liar Hillary Clinton is perceived to be the Democrat nominee, despite a strong fight being put up by avowed wild-eyed socialist Bernie Sanders , some on the left are afraid that her candidacy does not ensure her a path to the White House.

Throughout the Democrat presidential race, Hillary has at times attempted to shift to the left of socialist Sanders in an attempt to appeal to the far-left radical progressives that make up much of the Democrat base. But, many have been wise to this tactic and she has found herself losing states that she was expected to win.

Assuming that Hillary Clinton does win the Democrat nomination for the presidency, and avoids indictment over Emailgate, Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank has a suggestion for Hillary’s VP pick that he believes would help her beat reality TV actor Donald Trump should he become the GOP nominee.

During an appearance on MSNBC, Milbank offered this suggestion to Hillary Clinton. (emphasis mine)

“It’s our job as journalists to get ahead of ourselves. She may not want to do that, but we’re completely free to do that. I think Tad Devine and others are right in saying she needs to appeal to young voters, she needs to appeal to those disaffected white working class voters. Bernie may be able to do that, but you know who does that better than anybody is Elizabeth Warren .”

“She was Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) before Bernie Sanders was this sensation. She was the progressive populists really wanted to run. She is, in retrospect, if you look at this campaign and how well Bernie Sanders has done, she probably would have beaten Hillary Clinton given the energy that might she might have done. She is a more charismatic speaker. It could be very effective. There are other names, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH),  if you want to solidify the populist blue collar base for the Democrats and particularly not let Donald Trump steal it, assuming he winds up being the nominee.”

So, Milbank thinks that Elizabeth “Fauxcohantas” Warren, who has lied about being of Native American descent in order to receive special favors throughout her career, and who rails against the “1%” despite being part of them, a truth she works extra hard to hide, would make a great vice-president?

If that doesn’t speak to the complete lack of honesty and integrity on the left side of the political aisle, then I don’t know what does.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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