WAPO: Trump Sexist Because He Kept Calling Hillary ‘She’ or ‘Her’ [VIDEO]

Image: MSNBC via screenshot

Progressive leftist Democrats are really in a type of moral/political quandary. First, they want to use the “First Woman President” narrative to push highly corrupt and unlikable Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton over the finish line.

Yet, on the other hand, they must placate the party’s weird, freakish fringe base with the nonsensical notion that “gender identity is fluid.” Now, a leading member of the Democrat Media Complex is upset that Donald Trump was calling Hillary Clinton “she” or “her.”

Which leads us to the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza, who on Monday in performing post-debate analysis, seemed butt-hurt that Hillary Clinton was constantly referred to as a “she” or “her” in the second presidential debate by Donald Trump. Cillizza implied that Trump was somehow being sexist with the labels.

WAPO’s Chris Cillizza, who also moonlights as an MSNBC contributor, appearing on Morning Joe, was upset that Trump “kept referring to Hillary Clinton as ‘she’ and ‘her,’ which was a concerted strategy. I’m not sure why,” he wondered.

“He needs independents, he needs women,” Cillizza explained. “There’s just not much there last night that I think would convince you if you were not for him previously, particularly if you’re a woman.”

So women are offended that a woman was referred to as a woman? How can “she” be the first female president if “she” can’t be referred to as a woman, hmmm…? Very confusing.


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Matthew K. Burke
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