WAPO: ‘TV Networks are Shortchanging Ted Cruz’

The Washington Post, yes the Washington Post (!)  reported on Tuesday (I couldn’t believe my eyes) that the most principled and consistent conservative GOP presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, is getting railroaded by the TV networks, and not just the liberal ones.

In an interesting piece by Jim Tankersley, just hours before the fourth GOP presidential debate, he wrote that when you compare the various candidate’s poll numbers with the quantity of media coverage they’ve been receiving, Ted Cruz is getting unfair treatment.

WAPO reports (see accompanying chart below) that Cruz has “real cause for complaint.”

Some candidates, though, get more coverage than their poll numbers suggest they should. Some candidates get a lot less. The outliers raise interesting questions about media fairness. Those questions go well beyond Trump; lately, he’s not even the biggest overachiever on the air.

Also, Ted Cruz has real cause for complaint.

Here’s a chart showing a breakdown of candidate polling performance and television mentions so far this year. The green bar shows a candidate’s average percentage of support in the polls compiled by Real Clear Politics for their polling average. The blue bar shows the candidate’s share of all on-air mentions for GOP candidates on national cable networks this year.

Chart showing media coverage of GOP presidential candidates vs. aggregate of poll numbers. Credit: Washington Post

Chart showing media coverage of GOP presidential candidates vs. aggregate of poll numbers. Credit: Washington Post

What the numbers show is an obvious skewing of airtime towards Donald Trump and Jeb Bush with those two getting considerably more coverage than their poll numbers indicate they deserve, while Ted Cruz — and to a lesser degree — Rand Paul are getting the short end of the stick.

Amazingly, Tankersley wrote that the numbers are just as biased against Ted Cruz even if you only look at the “conservative” FOX News coverage. FOX News is full of Bush operatives and RINO establishment types like Karl Rove, but is yet seen as more conservative than leftstream media outlets like ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, etc. In other words, if FOX News were truly biased towards conservatives, Ted Cruz would be receiving proportionately more coverage, not less.

Furthermore, it’s pointed out in the WAPO piece that establishment squish Lindsey Graham, who has been polling within the margin of error of zero from day one, and whose poll numbers failed to qualify for either of tonight’s debates, receives the most coverage of any candidate when compared to his pitiful poll numbers.

Finally, the media bias against Ted Cruz is even more slanted in that last month, while tanking RINO Jeb Bush is getting far more coverage than his candidacy deserves, as the WAPO graphic below illustrates:

Image Credit: Washington Post

Image Credit: Washington Post

Ted Cruz, a favorite of the pro-Constitution, pro-freedom grassroots Tea Party movement, is unlikely to be a media darling anytime soon. Both Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh have called Cruz the most conservative candidate in the race and Limbaugh has called him the most “anti-liberal” of any GOP candidate.

With the media mostly full of Democrat Party operatives masquerading as journalists, and considering Cruz’s historic smackdown of the biased media at the last CNBC GOP debate, they are unlikely to give him much in the way of favorable coverage.

The exception of course, is the above mentioned Washington Post story, which called it straight and ironically exposed media bias. Very refreshing.


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