WAR ON CHRISTIANITY Update: Gaystapo Bullies Hellbent to Destroy Religious Liberty


The militant gay hate movement is on the move in Indiana. It’s objective is to use government force to compel the state’s businesses to hire homosexuals.

Included in the agenda of Tech for Equality is a push for a statewide civil rights amendment. The amendment would force the state’s businesses to surrender their freedom of merit-based hiring in deference for declared homosexuals.

Bill Oesterle, founder of the organization, was co-founder of Angie’s List, an Internet-based company that allows consumers to rate home service businesses. He says his new organization currently includes 30 high tech companies in Indiana.

The agenda of the hate group is to pass a human rights ordinance in Carmel, Indiana. Carmel is a suburb of Indianapolis and reputed to be one of the most conservative Republican areas of the state. The presumption is that Tech for Equality has targeted that city’s council to set a precedent for other Indiana municipalities to follow.

If passed in Carmel the ordinance would likely deprive business owners of freedom to choose employees based on merit and force them to hire homosexuals.

Osterle was previously a Republican activist. He was the campaign manager for former Republican governor, Mitch Daniels.

WISH-TV quoted Osterle as saying, “The LGBT community is united here and certainly from the standpoint of the companies that we’ve been talking to, this is just one of those issues, there’s not room to compromise in civil rights.”

The state’s legislature passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act earlier this year, raising rancor among Indiana’s gay activist movement and earning praise from the state’s Christian conservatives. The legislation was compromised by Gov. Mike Pence under pressure from homosexual activists.

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The militant gay hate movement recently won a national victory when the U.S. Supreme Court effectively ordered all states to license homosexual marriages. The movement has persecuted Christian businesses that choose religious convictions over the homosexual agenda.

Ken Gividen, an Indiana businessman and former Libertarian Party candidate for governor, said he is considering forming an organization that will emphasize freedom over force to counter the agenda of the state’s militant gay hate movement.

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