War on Police: Two Officers Targeted and Killed Because They Were Cops

With the rise of the militant and black supremacist Black Lives Matter ‘movement,’ we have also witnessed a rise in the war on police. Black Lives Matter participants have marched in the streets in various American cities outright calling for the murder of police officers. In far too many cases, someone has been more than happy to oblige, targeting and killing officers simply because they wear a badge.

We’ve seen it in New York and Houston. Now, the assassination of police officers has happened less than 90 minutes from the nation’s capitol in Abingdon, Maryland.

A veteran Hartford County Sheriff’s Deputy was sitting down to eat lunch at a packed Panera Bread. When a man walked up to him, the deputy reportedly looked up and asked, “How was your day?” At that point, the suspect, 68-year old David Evans, pulled out a gun and shot the deputy at close range in the head.

Lynn Faulkner and her daughter Sophia witnessed the assassination of the officer in the packed restaurant. Lynn said the officer didn’t stand a chance. She added that she’s seen the suspect in that area before. Faulkner explained, “He’s a frequent visitor in there. I’ve seen him myself in there. He kind of hangs there. He’s a homeless, disheveled man.”

After Evans fled Panera Bread, he encountered a second police officer who he also shot and killed. He was subsequently shot and killed by officers.

Regarding the assassination of these police officers, targeted simply because they were cops, Lynn Faulkner expressed hope that the community will come together for the families.

“We can hope and pray that the community will band together to give something back to those families—because it’s horrific.”

Barry Glassman, Harford County Executive,  issued the following statement:

“Today was a terrible reminder that the men and women in law enforcement risk their lives on every call. We had an opportunity to visit the families to share our condolences on behalf of the citizens of Harford County. We know that both families face trying times ahead and we pray for their healing and comfort.  As we grieve together in the spirit of community, let us also honor the service and sacrifice of these two fallen heroes.”

This was not Evans’ first time targeting a police officer. He assaulted a police officer in Florida and had a warrant out for his arrest. He had another warrant for his arrest in Harford County.

Flags are flying at half-staff in honor of the two police officers who were murdered.


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