Newspaper Uses Wrong Pic of RINO McConnell; But Was It Really a Mistake?

RINO Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell has long been accused by grassroots conservatives as being no better than Democrat Nevada Senator Harry Reid . McConnell has attacked the grassroots Tea Party movement on many occasions, including proclaiming in 2014, “We’re going to crush them.”

The line between McConnell and Reid has long been blurred, with McConnell siding with and defending Democrats while simultaneously attacking principled conservatives, with his favorite target being Texas Senator and GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz . That blurred line has been clearly exposed in a major faux pas by right-leaning media outlet, the Washington Examiner.

On Saturday, the Washinton Examiner published an article touting McConnell’s words that the GOP will “drop him [Trump] like a rock” should he become the Republican nominee for the presidency. But, there was a huge problem that was either an intentional dig or a major blunder.

The picture used for the article was not of McConnell. Instead, the Washington Examiner used a picture of the corrupt liar, Democrat Harry Reid. Under the picture reads the following caption.

McConnell has prepared an alternate plan to run Republican Senate candidates separately from Donald Trump.

Harry Reid Mitch McConnell

In July of 2015 on the Senate floor, Ted Cruz called out Mitch McConnell as a liar. Cruz, who has an audio graphic memory, said that McConnell lied to his fellow GOP senators about the Obama trade deal.

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At that time, Cruz excoriated McConnell as being no different than Democrat Harry Reid. His proof was the legislation passed under McConnell’s leadership which was basically a funding of every single Democrat agenda priority.

“There is a profound disappointment among the American people because we keep winning elections and then we keep getting leaders who don’t do anything they promised. The American people were told ‘if only we have a Republican majority in the House, things will be different.’ Well, in 2010 the American people showed up in enormous numbers and we got a Republican majority in the House — and very little changed.”

“Then the American people were told, ‘you know, the problem is the Senate. If only we get a Republican majority in the Senate and retire Harry Reid as majority leader, then things will be different.’ Well, in 2014 the American people rose up in enormous numbers, voted to do exactly that. We’ve had a Republican majority in both houses of Congress now for about six months. What has that majority done?”

“First thing we did, in December, is we came back and passed a $1 trillion ‘cromnibus’ plan filled with pork and corporate welfare. That was the very first thing we did. Then this Republican majority voted to fund Obamacare, voted to fund President Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty. And then leadership rammed through the confirmation of Loretta lynch as Attorney General.”

Madam President, which of those decisions would be one iota different if Harry Reid were still majority leader? Not a one. Not a one. This Senate operates exactly the same — the same priorities.”

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Whether the Washington Examiner realizes it or not, this faux pas of identifying Democrat Reid as RINO McConnell simply speaks to the frustration of many Republicans around the country. The fact is that the Republican leadership that the grassroots helped obtain the majority in Congress has done no better than the corrupt, progressive Democrats on the left. In fact, you can’t even tell the difference.

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