WATCH: Hateful Democrat Physically Assaults Reporter When Asked a Question He Didn’t Like!

Democrats love to present themselves as the political party that is the most understanding, the most welcoming and accommodating. However, things get real when they are confronted with information, accusations, or even questions they don’t like. And by real, I mean real ugly.

This was put on all display by a Democrat Alabama city commissioner who must have thought he was in the boxing ring based upon what he did to a reporter who simply did his job in asking a question.

Dothan District 2 Commissioner Amos Newsome, 82, went ballistic after he was approached by KTVY reporter Ken Curtis after a city commission meeting. The Dothan Eagle reports that during the exchange, Curtis asked Newsome a question about voter fraud allegations related to his 2013 re-election campaign. Initially, Newsome tried to ignore Curtis and continued walking. But, when Curtis did what any reporter would do and asked a follow-up question, Newsome lost it.

As Commissioner Newsome approached his car, Curtis asked him if he planned to resign. It was at that time that Newsome raised his hand in a claw-like position and struck the reporter in the face, causing him to bleed.

The assault was captured on film by another KTVY reporter. (video below)

The obviously deranged Democrat Newsome was arrested later that day at a residence and charged with third-degree assault, which is a Class A misdemeanor.

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Spencer Bienvenu, WTVY Vice President and General Manager, released a statement regarding the assault of reporter Ken Curtis by Democrat Commissioner Newsome on Tuesday afternoon:

“WTVY is extremely disappointed and horrified by the actions of Dothan City Commissioner Amos Newsome for his unwarranted physical attack on one of our employees. We understand that holding political office can be stressful, but that never warrants unwanted physical contact, let alone an open, public assault.

Our employee was attacked in the course of doing their job, which they are entitled to do without the fear of physical violence. Freedom of the press is a guaranteed right, one that should allow us to do our jobs in a safe, non-threatening environment. WTVY intends to press charges against Commissioner Newsome, to ensure that no one else will be attacked in the course of doing their job. We’re grateful for the relationship that we continue to have with the Dothan City Commission and our elected officials.”

Despite instances of Democrats being arrested around the country for voter fraud, the left constantly takes the stand that there is no such thing, accusing Republicans of only wanting to require an ID to vote as a way to somehow prevent blacks from voting. Never mind that this is the same ID that is required by even the U.S. government to open a P.O. Box, board an airplane, or buy certain medications.

Newsmen’s reaction to being asked if he would resign following voter fraud allegations will be construed as more than an admission of guilt, but also as an indication that voter fraud is real and Democrats will attack, in this case literally, anyone who dares question it as a problem.

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