WATCH Jeb Bush’s Self-Deprecating Cameo at the Emmy Awards

When Jeb Bush, who the media constantly pushed as the frontrunner in the GOP presidential primary though he never was, bowed out of the race, his candidacy was written off as a horrible joke. In fact, he was the butt of many jokes by Donald Trump who Bush deemed as unfit fo the presidency.

Even Jeb’s campaign launching was widely mocked with his “Jeb!” logo. The exclamation point did not match up with Trump’s accurate nickname of the Florida governor as “Low Energy Jeb.”

But, hey, at least Jeb Bush can say he had the last laugh, in a way, after a cameo appearance at Sunday night’s Emmy Awards in which he makes fun of himself, his campaign and “Jeb Exclamation Point!'”. Like him or loathe him, this skit is pretty darn funny.

In the skit, Jeb Bush says he is “in between jobs” and working as an Uber driver. He picks up Jimmy Kimmel as a passenger then the hilarity begins.


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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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