Watch President-Elect Trump SLAM CNN as Fake News

Yesterday, CNN reported on an unverified story based upon a report filled with unsubstantiated claims and errors which claimed that the Russia had compromising personal and financial information on Donald Trump. The unverified report also claimed that Trump employees, specifically his long-time attorney Michael Cohen, was meeting with Russian officials during the campaign. CNN ran the story and posted excerpts from this unverified report. BuzzFeed ran with it after CNN’s reporting gave the unsubstantiated claims credence and published the entire document. The report had so many errors and was filled with so many unsubstantiated claims that even the New York Times wouldn’t run with it.

At Trump’s first press conference since winning the election, stunning the political world and the Democrats with his defeat of Hillary Clinton, he thanked those members of the media who called the story out and refused to elevate it to headline news since it was unvetted and, according to Trump, untrue. He specifically thanked the New York Times for their explanation as to why they did not push the story, namely because they looked into it but could not verify or corroborate the information.

Although Trump was far more friendly with most media outlets than he has been known to be, even giving some praise, CNN was not at the other end of that unexpected lovefest. Instead, as CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta just about begged for the opportunity to ask a question, Trump denied him a question and moved to another reporter. When Acosta persisted, Trump flat out told him that he was not going to be given a chance to ask a question then called CNN out as “fake news.”

Check it out.

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Jennifer Burke
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