WATCH the Transgender Bathroom Video from Dana Loesch that Has the Left Livid

Dana Loesch could give a crap what anyone things about her or what she does, and that is why she is loved by so many. The woman is fierce. Let me change that. FIERCE. She is so fierce that the word deserves capitalization.

As state governors and legislatures lose their ever-loving minds in kowtowing to the god of political correctness, forcing women and young girls to share their restrooms, and in some cases showers, with anatomical men who either believe they are women, or even say so that day, Loesch put together a video to highlight the problem with such perversion.

Any person with a brain, which I guess would exclude many liberals, would figure out that there will be perverts who take advantage of this “bathroom bill.” But, some idiots would rather risk the safety and security of girls and women in the name of political correctness. Even if the person is not a pervert, it is perverted to allow a boy or man who still has his “thing” to whip it out in the bathroom or have it hanging in the shower in front of naked girls.

Dana Loesch was highly critical of musicians like Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams canceling concerts in North Carolina in protest of the bathroom bill. To the Left, the cancellation of these concerts, which abandons fans who paid money to see them, is a wonderful expression of their rights.  However, if you are a Christian baker who simply doesn’t want to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding, you are a bigot who should get ready for your business and livelihood to be destroyed.

But, I digress.

Loesch tweeted a video shedding light on that very real concern of many. It ends with a bearded man in makeup, a wig, and a dress who refers to himself as ‘Matilda’ entering the women’s restroom, to the shock and dismay of the women inside.

Of course, the Democrat operatives at the George Soros-funded Media Matters were outraged and accused Loesch of hyping a “bathroom predator myth” and ridiculing transgenders.

Something tells me that the FIERCE Dana Loesch won’t care what Media Matters thinks.

You go, girl.



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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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