Watch What Happens When CNN’s Only White Panelist Calls Beyonce’s Performance ‘Racist’

Beyonce’s performance at the Super Bowl was not “controversial”; it was blatantly racist and wholly inappropriate.

Under the guise of allegedly crusading for the promotion of racial equality, the Black Lives Matter “movement” hopes to achieve nothing less than black supremacy- the institution of a racial hierarchy that places blacks not on equal footing with whites, but in a protected and “special class.”

In a word: racism.

When a former NYPD detective and the only white member of a CNN panel opined that the event was racist, the rest of the panel behaved in a shockingly disrespectful manner, laughing, rolling their eyes and behaving as if the assertion was beyond the pale.

“Some say [Beyonce’s] performance is anti-police with the reference to the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter movement. … Do you feel it was anti-police?” CNN host Don Lemon asked.

“Well, it’s also racist,” former NYPD Detective Harry Houck noted.

The rest of the panel, who were all black, guffawed and carried-on, laughing and rolling their eyes in disgust.

Houck noted Beyonce’s support for the Black Liberation Army (BLA), an armed, militant group dedicated to black supremacy and who have been responsible for considerable violence.

“Dressing up her dancers like the BLA definitely tells me that was a racist statement and shows support for an organization that has murdered and assassinated police officers,” Houck asserted as the rest of the panel behaved childishly.

We are judged by the company we keep and to align oneself with militant movements like Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers indicates a level of racism that is shocking and ought to be openly condemned.

Instead, however, Super Bowl promoters allowed this shameful performance to occur during the Super Bowl.

Beyonce gyrated and sang with backup dancers clad in Black Panther attire and gave the “black power” salute.

The group released a photo taken shortly after the shameful event of the dancers holding a sign reading “justice for Mario Woods.” Woods was a gang member who stabbed someone and when confronted by police, refused to drop the knife even after being pepper sprayed and shot with less-than-lethal rounds. Ultimately, police opened fire on the knife-wielding thug.

The Black Panthers the dancers emulated, a militant racial organization, have been responsible for untold race-oriented crimes and deaths. The New Black Panther Party was headed by Malik Shabazz until 2013, a black radical who was also the head of the BLA and who has openly advocated for the murder of the “evil” whites and wholesale slaughter in the name of supposed racial justice. Shabazz is so radical that even the Southern Poverty Law Center has denounced him as a virulent racist.

While we should note that the Black Lives Matter “movement” is viciously anti-police, we can no longer pretend that it and other black militant groups like the BLA and the Black Panthers are not devoutly racist, anti-white groups that advocate violence as a means of achieving political ends centering on the institution of racial supremacy.

Mr. Houck is absolutely correct in that this show by Beyonce was not merely an affront to police; it was an affront to all citizens who reject the concept of racial supremacy in favor of equality.

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