Welcome to Obama’s America: You Won’t Believe What this High School Football Ref Thinks is a Penalty [VIDEO]

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It’s not everyday that a football penalty at a high school football game makes national news, but this one is surely worthy of attention, considering Obama’s War on Christians. The story is indicative of how pervasively political correctness, i.e., Cultural Marxism, has poisoned virtually area of American society.

After a high school quarterback, Dante Turo, 17, ran for a 73-yard touchdown on October 17, he did what many Christian athletes do — he pointed to the sky with his index finger, giving God the glory and thanked Him for his accomplishment.

No harm, no foul, right?


The referee at the Mexico High School (Mexico, NY), took exception to the innocent gesture by the quarterback, issuing a 15-yard penalty for “taunting.”

“He wanted to do something at that moment to take credit away from himself and give glory to God,” Geno, Dante’s father told Todd Starnes from FOX News. “God gives us the ability and the talent. As Christians, we want to be sure to give that back immediately.”

“When you score touchdowns, when you make big plays, it’s easy to become proud,” Geno told Starnes. “It’s easy to take credit for yourself. I didn’t want my son to get caught up in that.”

“I tried to explain to the referee that threw the flag and the head referee, but they just said, it’s taunting,” head coach Tee Murabito told Starnes. “I told them he was praising God. How is that taunting?” he asked the ref.

Coach Murabito told Starnes that Dante is a good kid and God is a “very big part of his life.”

The quarterback’s father told Todd Starnes that he was troubled by his son being penalized for giving God praise:

“I think people have forgotten that we settled in this land to flee religious persecution. We’re supposed to have religious freedom here. But it seems like instead of religious freedom we are being persecuted for our beliefs.”


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