What Did this School Principal Post About McKinney That Caused Him to Lose his Job?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It’s official. Americans are no longer able to express their free speech if it does not fall in line with what the progressive mob is pushing. To dare to say how you feel about an issue means you are setting yourself up for more than ridicule and attack. You also run the possibility of losing your job. This applies even more so to high profile events, especially those involving police, that becomes the center of the media’s focus. This is exactly what happened to a principal in Miami after he posted an opinion regarding the pool incident in McKinney, Texas.[/vc_column_text][banner300 banner=”5517620b381df”][vc_column_text]Alberto Iber was the principal of North Miami High School until yesterday after someone saw what Iber posted on Facebook page about McKinney. Though it was reported that he was fired, the school district now says that Iber is still employed, but confirm that he was removed from his position and would be reassigned. It is not known whether that reassignment will include a demotion.

On his Facebook post, Iber expressed support for the actions of Officer Eric Casebolt, who has since resigned, for his actions taken at the out of control pool party. Iber said, “He did nothing wrong. He was afraid for his life. I commend him for his actions.”

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Although Iber published a personal opinion, it ended up costing him his job. Some within his community, including city council member Alix Desulme, disagreed with Iber and believed that, despite his record as an educator, stating such an opinion on social media should be grounds for dismissal. Desulme said, “For him to make such a comment is insensitive to the community.”

It didn’t take much for Alberto Carvalho, superintendent of Miami Dade County Public Schools, to comply. In fact, he personally rebuked Iber publicly with a shaming statement.

“Judgment is the currency of honesty. Insensitivity – intentional or perceived – is both unacceptable and inconsistent with our policies, but more importantly with our expectation of common sense behavior that elevates the dignity of humanity of all, beginning with children.”

[/vc_column_text][banner300 banner=”553157113d3ff”][vc_column_text]A statement was also released by the school district attempting to defend their decision to remove Iber from his position.

“Miami-Dade County Public Schools employees are held to a higher standard, and by School Board policy, are required to conduct themselves, both personally and professionally, in a manner that represents the school district’s core values.”

While many may not agree with Iber’s personal opinion, there are others who do. Kisa Jackson is a black mom who made a video stating her opinion about what happened at McKinney. Benet Embry is a black progressive talk radio host who appeared on Hannity to share his thoughts. Both also believed that the officer, Corporal Casebolt, acted justifiably.

But, Iber lost his job for being “insensitive” in a social media post.

He didn’t use profanity. He didn’t say any racial slurs. He simply believed something different than others and wrote it on Facebook.

And it cost him his job.

There have been cries, from intolerant individuals who have a desire to make people pay the price of losing their livelihood if they disagree with their personal opinion on a heated and controversial subject, for Embry to be fired from his job. But, so far, his boss has not yet caved to the pressure like Superintendent Carvalho quickly did.

According to Iber, he meant for the comment to appear anonymously and meant no harm. He said, “I regret that I posted the comment as it apparently became newsworthy and has apparently upset people. That was not my intention in any way.”

There you have it. A private citizen was fired from his job not because of anything he did at that job or complaints filed against him for how he treated students, parents or his staff.

He was “reassigned” because his post upset people.

Welcome to Obama’s America.

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