What FOX News’ Shepard Smith Called Those Who Oppose Allowing Islamic Terrorists Into America is an Outrage

Apparently FOX News anchor Shepard Smith is getting daily talking points from the Obama Regime like the rest of big media — or at least he sure acts like it, sounding more like an Obama propagandist than a major anchor for what is supposed to be the alternative to the “mainstream” media — the Democrat Media Complex.

Like Obama, Hillary Clinton, and much of the leftstream media, Smith apparently has no ability to say the term “radical Islamic terrorism,” but rather picks a much more vanilla sounding description so as not to tie terrorism around the world to Islam or Muslims in any way.

Speaking about the aftermath of the recent Paris attacks, coupled with Obama and the Democrats’ urge to import tens of thousands of Muslim Syrian refugees into America, despite an inability to know how many of them are radical Islamic terrorists affiliated with ISIS or other terrorist groups, Shep temporarily put away his news hat on Monday and slipped on his commentary hat, going on a rant that sounded much like the guilt-trip Obama and the left have been laying on the country.

Not only did Shepard Smith refuse to bring up any ties of Islam to terrorism, but perhaps equally as shameful, he referred to those Americans who put national security as a priority over his bleeding heart liberalism as “political extremists,” (i.e., “evil” Republicans, conservative, Tea Parties, Christians, or any American who wishes to have his/her head continually attached to the rest of their body, etc.):

“We profess to stand as an example for all the world. Our unique experience in freedom, tolerance, openness and equality is our gift to societies and peoples everywhere.

Come, join us, enjoy a chance at the American dream. Today, we mourn but we cannot resort to the tactics of the barbarians. We must fight for what we believe in and who we are — guard our freedoms faithfully for the generations to follow.

And we must not let the rhetoric of potential and political extremists among us lead us to self-destruction. When there’s panic, we show resolve. When there’s call for extremism, we resist. We are America — we must lead.”

It is therefore assumed that Shepard Smith would therefore have been in favor of massive immigration of Nazis into America during World War II. He and his leftist ilk are on a suicide mission that millions of Americans do not want to participate in. This doesn’t make them cold-hearted, Shep.  This makes them intelligent, reasonable and rationale.

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It is notable that FBI Director James Comey told the House Homeland Security Committee in October, explaining the futility of the Obama argument that procedures are in place to properly screen and vet Syrian refugees, that it was impossible to guarantee that terrorists wouldn’t be able to infiltrate the refugees:

“If someone has not made a ripple in the pond in Syria in a way that would get their identity or their interests reflected in our databases, we can query our data until the cows come home but nothing will show up because we have no record of that person.”

It is not an American value for America to allow in its stated enemies out of some twisted, misplaced and downright evil form of compassion and support for Islamism that you feel in your leftist mind.

In Shepard Smith’s mind, if you don’t want to allow ISIS into America, you are somehow not being compassionate.

God help us and deliver us from the useful idiots like Shepard Smith. Aristotle was right when he said that, “Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society.” 


h/t: IJ Review

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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