What in the World was Bill Clinton Thinking When He Did This? [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton has two very negative things going against her. Well, let’s face it. She has more than two things working against her, but these two things have been very damning to her campaign because it speaks to the way voters view her.

In short, Hillary Clinton is untrustworthy and unlikeable. Her campaign is not quite going the way she’d expected, having lost seven out of the last eight states to wild-eyed socialist Bernie Sanders. While Hillary is said to have super delegate support wrapped up, which means she inevitably will be the Democrat nominee if she isn’t arrested, she still longs to connect with the voters. Her response has been to bring out her philandering husband, whose political career she helped defend and protect with the nuts and sluts campaign to disparage the name of her husband’s victims.

It really isn’t going very well.

During a campaign appearance on Hillary’s behalf in Elmont, New York, the frail looking and sounding Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton attempted to slam the GOP presidential candidates, specifically their behavior at the GOP debate prior to the Florida primary. Instead, what he did and said could be seen as an insult, or at the very least a slap in the face, to the very part of the electorate that Clintons, and the Democrat party as a whole, have manipulated through the years as they have sought and secured their support.

Black people.

Bill Clinton said, “I like our primary a lot better than theirs. We never had a spectacle like they did — remember that debate they had before Florida where three of them were up there calling each other ‘liar’ over everybody else’s voice?”

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Sounds pretty innocent, right? Well, things got downright weird after that with Bill adding this strange comparison.

“It sounded like a rap tune on MTV.”

Maybe ol’ Slick Willy thought his little parody was okay since many, stupidly, refer to him as “the first black president.”

To make matters worse, he then attempted to dance.

I kid you not.


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h/t Daily Caller


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