What Obama Just Said in Paris Demonstrates What a Pathological Lying Idiot He Is [VIDEO]

Barack Obama demonstrated once again what a pathological liar and insensitive jerk he truly is. There, I said it. Although he put his hand on the Holy Bible twice and swore to uphold and defend the Constitution, he has done everything inside and outside of his power to tear it down and destroy it.

Obama is dangerously obsessed with attacking our Second Amendment rights, using tragic situations that happen due to decisions of individuals to cause harm using a gun as their weapon of choice to go after the gun rights of Americans. He has done so over and over again here in America. Now, Obama has taken his lies and foolishness to Paris where, during remarks on Tuesday, he not only hurled more insults at America, he also demonstrated egregious insensitivity to Paris, which was the site of a heinous terrorist attack by ISIS just last month.

Currently, Obama is in Paris for the controlist scheming climate change summit. While answering questions from reporters, he addressed the shooting in Colorado Springs. It was not a shooting targeting Planned Parenthood. The shooter initially engaged police at a nearby bank and ran into Planned Parenthood. There are unsubstantiated reports that the man said “no more baby body parts.” One media source quoted an unnamed source as saying that and it was not reported by anyone else.

But, it doesn’t matter the reason or the location of where this shooting happened. Obama and his ilk are hell-bent on stripping Americans of their gun rights, leaving the decision of who can have guns and who cannot up to them as they are surrounded by gun-toting guards. So, they will use any situation to push their agenda, while ignoring others that exposes the dangerous nature of other parts of their agenda, like the shooting death of Kate Steinle by an illegal alien.

Like clockwork, Obama went to his anti-freedom, anti-Constitution, anti-American mantra in Paris to attack the Second Amendment while simultaneously showing incredible insensitivity to a “gun-free” country who just experienced 130 killed by radical Islamic terrorists, a term Obama refuses to say, whose weapons of choice included suicide vests, hand grenades and guns.

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In talking about the shooting in Colorado in which three people lost their lives and nine were injured, tone deaf and insensitive jerk Obama said, “I say this every time we’ve got one of these mass shootings. This just doesn’t happen in other countries.” (article continues below video)


This doesn’t happen in other countries? He is standing in PARIS!

Obama is so committed to his fundamental transformation of America and destroying the Constitution, the document that he believes gets in his dictatorial way, that he would insult America on foreign land while also insulting an entire country still in mourning from the Paris attacks last month and the Charlie Hebdo attacks earlier this year.

I guess the impromptu visit of Obama to one of the locations of the Paris attacks was overshadowed in his narcissistic and egotistical mind by his lavish and expensive dinner on Monday night and upcoming typical weeks-long vacation which he will enjoy while being surrounded by guards with guns.

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