What Obama’s DHS Did Proves They Don’t Give a Rip About the Safety of Americans

Texas Senator and GOP Presidential candidate Ted Cruz has come under criticism for referring to Barack Obama as the leading financier of Islamic terrorism based upon the over $100 billion Obama is giving to Iran as part of the nuclear deal. That amount of American dollars is the equivalent of $8 trillion for Iran. But that’s not all that Obama has done to put the lives of Americans in danger.

Back here at home, he has unleashed a different type of terror on communities throughout country.  Obama officials in the Department of Homeland Security has been releasing violent illegal alien criminals onto the streets in America. To make matters worse, he did not tell local law enforcement officials for over two years therefore subjecting Americans to unnecessary criminality and danger.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that Arizona law enforcement officials revealed that they recently learned of the DHS practice of releasing violent illegals into their communities. Although DHS has been doing this for two years, they just began to inform local law enforcement two weeks ago. Though this has been a common practice for DHS, they have lied about it over the last few years denying that such a thing was happening.

Local law enforcement officials and members of Congress have expressed outrage over the practice and have petitioned DHS in recent days to end a policy they described as “catch and release.”

At least three illegal aliens released by DHS in recent weeks have been charged with serious crimes, including the beating of a 7-week-old baby and immolation of a person, according to local law enforcement officials and Rep Matt Salmon (R., Ariz.).

Other Arizona law enforcement officials in the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office further disclosed to the Free Beacon that they still are being kept in the dark about such releases and questioned whether DHS has implemented a standard nationwide practice to alert local officials.

Rep. Matt Salmon is outraged that Obama and DHS officials are endangering the lives of Arizonans. He said, “When I learned that there isn’t a requirement for DHS to inform local law enforcement agencies about the imminent release of illegal alien criminals, I was shocked. In our post 9/11 world, where the constant sharing of information between agencies is commonplace, even sometimes at the expense of our rights, this is unacceptable.”

Salmon continued, “Simply put, if DHS insists on releasing dangerous illegal aliens into our neighborhoods the public and law enforcement need to know about it. I am now working to amend existing law to require that local agencies be notified by DHS before illegal aliens with violent criminal records are released.”

In a letter to DHS, Salmon shared with DHS the murders of individuals, including a seven-week-old baby, that could have been avoided if DHS had not released criminally violent illegals back into society without telling the local law enforcement.

“Despite the repeated attacks on American citizens by illegal aliens released from our jails, DHS refuses to stop freeing violent criminals who are in our country illegally,” Salmon wrote in his letter to DHS. “Just today, we learned of three more individuals set free on law-abiding Arizonans by the Department of Homeland Security. Their crimes included the beating to death of a seven-week-old baby and the stabbing, beating, and immolation of a police informant.”

One of those released is accused of kidnapping and murdering a police informant “by taking him to a wilderness area where he beat, stabbed, and lit his gasoline-soaked body on fire,” according to Salmon.

When Donald Trump announced his campaign to become the GOP nominee for the presidency, he commented that there are criminals crossing the border from Mexico. He was excoriated for that statement, accused of being a racist and had business relationships severed because of it.

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In looking at what ICE and DHS are doing, releasing violent criminal illegals onto American streets freeing them to commit further crimes, it is clear that Trump was right. Not only are there violent criminals crossing the southern border, the Obama regime is assisting these criminals by turning them loose on the street without letting local law enforcement know.

As President of the United States, one of Barack Obama’s top jobs as commander-in-chief is to keep America safe. He is not only failing miserably at that, one has to wonder if he is putting this country and American citizens in danger on purpose.

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