What the Obama Feds Did After Syrian ‘Refugee’ Went Missing in this State Should Cause Alarm

We have been told by the Obama regime that they have the resettlement of Muslim Syrian “refugees”, composed of 70% men who fit the profile of an ISIS terrorist, under control. Obama officials have said that there is a vetting process in place, though they have been questioned as to how that vetting will take place when the individuals have no documentation and they have no cooperation with the Syrian government.

After the terrorist attacks in Paris, attacks which Obama’s JV team ISIS has taken credit for, many Americans have begun to stand in opposition to the resettlement of those so-called refugees in their states. During remarks at the G20 summit, Obama referred to the Paris attacks not as Islamic terrorism, but rather as a ‘setback.’ He then went on to chastise and lecture Americans on his made up American value of allowing potential terrorists into our country. Remember, they have it under control. Right? Wrong!

The Gateway Pundit, via WBRZ, reported Tuesday morning that a Syrian “refugee”, who was being helped by Catholic Charities, had gone missing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


No, it is not Catholic Charities job to track the refugees should they vanish. That should be the job of the federal government. After all, they are the ones who forced these “refugees” onto the American people.

Remember, Barack Obama and his administrative officials have told America that they have it under control. They have claimed that there are “robust vetting procedures” in place despite the fact that they do not have cooperation with the Syrian government. But what happens if that refugee goes missing, as in the case of Baton Rouge?

There is a legitimate concern that ISIS will infiltrate these refugees who are brought to America. In fact, a recent poll by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies showed that 13 percent of Syrian “refugees” support ISIS. In addition, 10 percent have only a “negative to some extent” view of ISIS. That means that 23 percent of Syrian “refugees” support ISIS to some extent.

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Add that to the fact that ISIS just recently released a video threatening an attack on U.S. soil and one would think the Obama led federal officials would use their resources to find a missing “refugee.”

But when a Syrian refugee went missing in Baton Rouge, the feds did absolutely nothing.

The “refugee,” who is a male, was eventually found but that was due to resources used by Governor Bobby Jindal’s office. The governor’s office said that federal authorities were absolutely no help. The man was found in another state and is reported to have been placed with another family or Catholic Charities out of state. Jindal is among the governors who are refusing to accept Syrian “refugees” following the terrorist attacks in Paris.

But, that brings us to the next concern of Americans. Although to date 29 governors have announced they will not accept Syrian “refugees” in their states, what’s to stop that “refugee” from crossing state lines from a state that accepted them and going into a different state?

No one will be tracking these “refugees” and if one is noticed to be missing, the Obama regime will not lift a finger to determine where they are.

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All the while, Obama continues his push for more gun control.

He claims that he will protect America, but he wants to simultaneously disarm Americans and bring in “refugees” who could have among them Muslim terrorists.

Let that sink in.



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