What This Filmmaker Said About Syrian Refugees Should Immediately End Obama’s Scheme

Barack Obama is hell-bent on bringing Syrian refugees into this country thereby threatening the national security of America. He is determined to bring in tens of thousands despite warnings from top officials within his regime that ISIS will undoubtedly take advantage of the program and infiltrate the refugees. If that happens, then they will be on American soil and more easily able to carry out their threats of attack.

As Obama attempts to sell his Syrian ‘refugee’ resettlement program, i.e. importation of potential terrorists into America,  to the American people, he does so with a lie meant to shame those in opposition into submission. He constantly says it is wrong to turn away widows and young children, even chastising Republicans accusing them of being afraid of a three-year old.  But again, Obama’s lies have been exposed to all who are willing to hear them.

Ami Horowitz is a filmmaker who embedded himself among Syrian refugees who were traveling from Turkey to Greece. On Monday, during an appearance on Sean Hannity’s radio program, Horowitz shared how his interpreter revealed a disturbing occurrence that verifies what many Americans fear. ISIS had someone among the refugees who were working to recruit them.

Horowitz shared his Arabic-speaking translator said to him, “See that guy over there? ISIS. You see that guy over there? ISIS.” After Horowitz asked what the guy was doing, the translator responded with words that, in a sane world, would immediately bring about calls to shut down Obama’s Syrian refugee resettlement plan.

The translator answered, “He’s trying to recruit people.”

Beyond that, Horowitz attacked Obama’s lie-based narrative that the Syrian refugees are a bunch of widows and orphans. The stark reality is actually exactly opposite.

In response to Obama’s claims, Horowitz said, “That’s a lie. It’s mostly men between 15 and 50. I would say it was 80-85 percent men.”

These men, as has been stated previously, are military age and fit the profile of an ISIS terrorist.

On Tuesday morning, Matt Drudge tweeted, “A shocking truth is unfolding: America has been arming ISIS.”

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This allegation along with Obama’s dogged determination to import potential terrorists into this country makes Obama himself a direct threat to the national security of America with his decisions that are putting the United States directly in harm’s way.

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h/t Daily Caller

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