What?! Trump Spokesperson Claims Suicide Caused By Cruz Campaign Manager [VIDEO]

On the same day that bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor Donald Trump threatened to sue constitutional conservative Ted Cruz over a political ad showing Donald Trump speaking his own words, Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson accused Ted Cruz’s campaign manager Jeff Roe of somehow being guilty of being responsible for the death of a former mayoral candidate in Missouri.

“The campaign manager for Senator Cruz has actually caused a candidate in Missouri to commit suicide over attack ads,” Pierson told a stunned Greta Van Susteren on FOX News Wednesday evening. “So what Mr. Trump is saying is this is the reason why good people don’t run for office.”

While it is true that a man running for Governor of the state of Missouri (not Lt. Governor as Pierson stated) did commit suicide, saying that a specific political ad drove the man over the top, or even if it did, that Roe is somehow liable for another person’s mental state or personal responsibility is a position that is not only below the belt, but is sleazily conspiratorial at best.

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Perhaps there’s a hidden meaning that Katrina Pierson is questioning her bosses mental health as well and she hopes Cruz’s campaign stops running ads exposing her candidate’s lifelong record as a flip-flopper on issues, sometimes with only hours passing.

Trump has become more unhinged as the campaign goes on, with head-snapping statements about birtherism and 9/11 trutherism that make him sound more like Democrat wingnuts Michael Moore or “fat pig” Rosie O’Donnell than a conservative.

Hopefully, the real estate mogul has the mental toughness and non-fragile ego necessary to withstand criticism, even when it’s hearing his own voice.

Or perhaps Katrina Pierson is just trying to dampen down and chill the Cruz campaign’s ads, as is the bogus threat of a frivolous lawsuit, even though the crybaby tactics will probably have exactly negative their desired effects — Trump has revealed what gets under his skin, and how to poke his fragile, yet massive ego.

For Pierson, a supposed conservative who formerly supported Ted Cruz and showered him with praise during his 2012 Senate campaign, to say that anyone is responsible for another man’s mental state, or that a political ad caused a man to commit suicide, is outlandish and desperate.

Lord knows that if Trump had been running against the former mayoral candidate who committed suicide, Tom Schweich, would have been subject to a much harsher onslaught of personal attacks and character assassination than the Cruz campaign — or any other campaign — could ever muster up.

Keep in mind that Donald Trump himself, not his campaign team, equated Dr. Ben Carson to that of a “child molester,” and said he was one “sick puppy.”

What’s worse, being compared to Barney Fife, as was the case in Jeff Roe’s ad that Katrina Pierson says caused a man to kill himself, or being called a child molester?

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How could Pierson or Trump be so sure that such a terrible and unsubstantiated smear of Carson wouldn’t have sent him over the edge? They can’t. How can they be sure that their personal attacks against every other candidate in the race wouldn’t have caused what happened in Missouri? They can’t. Or how could they have been sure that Trump calling Iowa voters “stupid” for supporting Ben Carson wouldn’t have caused mass suicide?

Pierson’s argument is one that would be made by a far-left liberal, not surprising given her candidate’s lifelong record of supporting enemies of individual liberty like Hillary Clinton , Harry Reid , Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer .


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