What Will Donald Trump Tweet After Seeing Ted Cruz’s Latest Ad?

If you’re following the trainwreck on Donald Trump’s Twitter feed, then you may want to keep an eye on it on Thursday. For all the bravado that Trump puts out in an effort to make people believe he’s a tough guy, he actually has very thin skin, as evidenced by the way he vomits out responses to criticism on Twitter, on a daily basis without thinking.

Something tells me that Trump will be upset after catching wind of the latest ad by constitutional conservative Ted Cruz . In this ad, Cruz points out a very disturbing truth about Trump, that is the fact that he donated over $600K to Democrat New York Politicians and the New York Democrat Party from 1999 through 2016.

Now, Trump loves to spin his donations as just being a part of doing business while at the same time denying that he is an insider and part of the corrupt crony capitalist system.

Cruz is not letting him get away with that narrative.

There’s no doubt that Donald will go into his unhinged “Lyin’ Ted” narrative, his typical projection of his propensity to lie on to someone else. After all, to Donald Trump, a lie is simply a fact about him that he doesn’t want others to know because it makes him look bad.

Keep in mind that this commercial focuses only on Donald Trump’s donations to corrupt Democrat politicians in New York, as well as the New York Democrat Party. This doesn’t even include money that he has given to the likes of Nancy Pelosi , Harry Reid , Charles Schumer , Rahm Emanuel and others who are not connected to New York.

Towards the end of the commercial, after one damning fact after another exposing Trump’s massive donations to corrupt Democrats in New York are displayed, a singular statement is shown which calls Donald out for his constant claim that he was only buying people off for special favors because he’s a businessman.

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In a statement, Cruz says something  that should be heard by all those voting in Republican primaries and caucuses.

“Donald Trump has supported the Democrat politicians who have made it difficult for average Americans to get ahead. Trump’s record of electing Democrats proves he’s not being truthful about what he says he supports and what he claims he’ll do. The real Donald Trump is a Democrat and should not be our party’s nominee.”

But, listen to what he says now, right? The principles by which he lived, or lack thereof, as a “private citizen,” should not be held against him. Right?


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Jennifer Burke
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