When the National Anthem Isn’t Played, College Football Team Takes Matters Into their Own Hands

Image: Fisher Football Booster Club Facebook

We live in sad times when refusing to stand for the National Anthem, or standing with your fist in the air like a Black Panther, in opposition to and protest of America is praised by some, including Barack Obama, as patriotic. Following the election of Donald Trump as president over Hillary Clinton, anarchist ‘protesters’ have defaced and burned the flag. At Emerson College in Massachusetts, they have removed all flags, including the American flag, from the campus after those in opposition to President-elect Trump first moved the flag to half-staff then later burned it.

Sadly, expressing patriotism for America will today get you branded a xenophobe and racist and protesting against America at the expense of Old Glory and the National Anthem is becoming the en vogue thing to do. That’s what makes this story about a college football team singing the National Anthem even more amazing and inspiring.

On Saturday, the St. John Fisher College Cardinals played Frostburg State University in a playoff football game at University of Philadelphia’s Franklin Stadium. Typically, the National Anthem is played at the start of football games but, for some reason, it was not played this time. When players from St. John Fisher College realized that “The Star Spangled Banner” was not going to be played, they took matters into their own hands and started singing the song a capella.

When players from St. John Fisher College realized that “The Star Spangled Banner” was not going to be played, they took matters into their own hands and started singing the song a capella. To make a swell of pride and patriotism overtake you even more, check this out. Players from the other team and fans in the stand joined them. It was captured on video by Jen Ventura whose son Dominic is a senior on the team. She posted it on the Fisher Football Booster Club Facebook page with the hashtag #proudamericans.

The post read “ECAC playoff game in Philadelphia at Franklin Field and they didn’t play the national anthem so our boys sang it!! #proudamericans.”

Michelle Shipley, whose son is also a senior at St. John Fisher, talked with the Daily Wire about the experience.

“We are not sure why the Anthem was not played as it was played the night prior for [two] other games. The team was told that the anthem would be played and then proceeded not to for some reason. Both teams and the fans were prepared for it until the refs said no anthem after the coin flip. Our players stepped up at that point and started singing the anthem.”

Although the Cardinals ultimately lost the game, they gained much respect for their memorable, patriotic actions.

Well done, guys. You’ve made America proud with your expression of pride in this country.

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Jennifer Burke
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