When You See How Many Times the Planned Butcherhood President Has Visited the White House You Will Be Shocked and Disgusted

Yesterday, Obama spokesman Josh Earnest vehemently defended the baby butcher factory Planned Parenthood, attacking the organization whose undercover, investigative videos are exposing the horrific practice of illegally trafficking baby body parts in exchange for money — over and over.

Earnest rushed to the defense of the Democrat Party-supported abortion factory, saying that the videos produced by the Center for Medical Progress are somehow “fraudulent,” “entirely inaccurate,” while absurdly claiming that Planned Butcherhood is “living up to the highest ethical standards.”

When asked at yesterday’s presser whether he wasn’t just repeating Planned Parenthood’s talking points, Earnest shockingly answered in the affirmative, stating, “I’m merely repeating what I’ve seen that they’ve said and has been reported publicly about what they’ve said.”

One of the reasons for the Obama spokesman’s fervent support of Planned Butcherhood is the unbelievable amount of access the organization’s ghoulish president, Cecile Richards, the daughter of former Democrat Texas Governor, Ann Richards, has had to the Obama White House.

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As CNS News reported, Richards has visited the Obama White House a whopping 39 times since 2009, according to White House records, including January 20, 2009, the very first day Obama took office:

Since then, Richards has met with Obama alone at least three times and First Lady Michelle Obama at least twice. She also met with president and his wife together another four times.

Richards also met four times with David Plouffe, Obama’s senior adviser from 2011 to 2013. Following Plouffe’s resignation in 2013, Richards met with senior adviser Valerie Jarrett five times between mid-2012 and the beginning of 2014.

Since 2009, logs show Richards has also met the following White House officials: former White House Chief of Staff William Daley; Obama’s former Senior Advisor for Strategy and Communications Dan Pfeiffer; Executive Director of the White House Council on Women and Girls and FLOTUS Chief of Staff Tina Tchen; Domestic Policy Council Director Cecelia Muñoz; Obama’s Senior Counsel Christopher Kang; Director of the Office of Political Strategy and Outreach David Simas; Director of the Office of Management and Budget Shaun Donovan; and current Chief of Staff Denis McDonough.

The Planned Butcherhood head continued to receive VIP treatment from the Obama Regime, as indicated by her attendence at Obama’s second inaugural on January 20, 2013, CNS reports.

The Obama White House and Planned Butcherhood are, shall we say, deeply in bed together. Perhaps those visits of extraordinary influence explain why Earnest is defending the indefensible.

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