When You See the Grade He Gave Bendover Boehner, You’ll Understand Why Conservatives Don’t Want Kevin McCarthy as the Next Speaker

Conservative Review gives outgoing Speaker of the House John Boehner a Liberty Score of only 35% (out of a possible 100%), a big fat “F” using their grading system. But the next in line to Boehner, House Majority Leader and California congressman has a different scorecard, grading methodology and grading system to assess the performance of Bendover Boehner, who has caved-in to the Obama Regime, funding all of the regime’s unconstitutional, tyrannical and immoral policies such as Obamacare, Obama’s illegal amnesty, Planned Butcherhood and the nuclear deal with the terrorist Islamic country of Iran.

Indeed, in addition to a horrific voting record on which RINO Boehner receiving his failing grade, Boehner’s legacy, like that of his RINO counterpart in the Senate, Obama’s Mitch McConnell, will be a long list of broken promises to the conservatives who elected him.

Broken promises as a leader include, but certainly are not limited to, promising to fight “tooth and nail” in November of 2014 to stop Obama’s illegal, unconstitutional and dictatorial amnesty, promising that every debt ceiling would be paired with a spending cut, promising members would have more time to read bills, and promising to have a more open and transparent speakership than his predecessor, radical leftist Nancy Pelosi.

John Boehner’s handpicked successor and right-hand man, Kevin McCarthy, appeared on FOX News with Sean Hannity on Wednesday, telling the conservative host that if he had to give Boehner a grade for his overall performance, he would generously assign Boehner a grade of B minus.

“Give me a grade for John Boehner as speaker of the house,” Hannity asked McCarthy.

“I think John Boehner deserves a B-,” McCarthy answered.

“Oh come on!” a stunned Hannity interrupted, obviously taken aback by the overly generous score.

McCarthy, whose own Liberty Score is a failing grade of only a Boehner-like 45%, then shifted into spin mode trying to justify his assessment, arguing that the House had passed 300 bills this year, as if Americans are clamoring for more laws, and blaming Boehner’s failures on the U.S. Senate led by Mitch McConnell.

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“Now look, you may disagree with me, but he won a majority, we have got the highest margin we ever head before, we lowered the deficit within there — but you know what? There is a lot more. We passed 300 bills this year, but you look into the Senate, they haven’t moved,” McCarthy fired back.

Constitutional scholar, best selling author and talk show great, Mark Levin, had a brash description of Kevin McCarthy when faced with the prospects of McCarthy replacing Boehner as speaker.

“Eric Cantor with 10 less IQ points,” Levin told Breitbart following Boehner’s surprising resignation last week. “The Republican establishment never learned their lesson after Cantor,” he said, referring to the number two man in the House being crushed by political newcomer Dave Brat in 2014.

CNS News pointed out last week that debt under Boehner’s speakership increased by almost $4 trillion, the equivalent of over $26,000 per worker, a clear indication that Boehner surrendered the Congress’s constitutional power of the purse to Obama.

Below is the exchange between Sean Hannity and Rep. Kevin McCarthy via FOX News:

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Matthew K. Burke
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