Where are the ‘Millions’ Trump Supposedly Raised for Veterans?

As you may recall, bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor Donald Trump, the current GOP frontrunner, backed out of a GOP debate moderated by FOX News’ Megyn Kelly in January, instead creating the sideshow of a supposed fundraiser for veterans’ charities, an attempt to use other people’s money to make him look pro-veteran rather than face the tough questioning Kelly is known for.

But more than two months after the “fundraiser,” veterans groups are asking a very important question — Where’s the money?

A new report by the Wall Street Journal reveals that only a fraction of the $6 million Trump claims to have raised has been distributed — $2.4 million — less than one-half of the amount raised.

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As we reported in January, the money raised for the “special event,” $6 million according to Trump, was not distributed directly to veterans’ charites in the first place. The monies raised were filtered through the Donald J. Trump Foundation, an entity along the same lines as the Clinton Foundation.

As we noted, Trump’s claim to be a major supporter of veterans’ groups flies in the face of reality. We reported in January that the amount Trump has personally contributed to veterans — for someone who boasts of $10 billion net worth — is a pittance and even a much smaller amount than he donated to the shady Clinton Foundation, a money-laundering operation founded by Democrats Bill and Hillary Clinton:

Trump is now portraying himself as a huge and staunch supporter of veterans. However, according to an analysis by the Weekly Standard, between 2009 and 2013, the Donald J. Trump Foundation only gave $57,000 to veterans groups. In contrast, Trump’s foundation gave between $100,001 and $250,000 over that same period of time to the corrupt Clinton Foundation. Trump has explained his donation to the Clintons and other entrenched and corrupt Democrats as being just business.

Questions: Why was the money laundered through Trump’s “foundation” and why is it taking so long to distribute the money? Was this just another scam like Trump University?

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There are government bureaucracies that could operate faster than this.


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Matthew K. Burke
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