Where is the OUTRAGE from the Left After the Obama EPA POISONED a River With 1 MILLION Gallons of TOXIC Waste?

Remember the outright unhinged moral outrage among the progressive commie greenists over the accidental BP oil spill? It was loud, it was long, as management from the company was put on a leftstream media 24/7 demonization campaign, used by lefties to not only ruin their careers, but to attack the very nature of capitalism and free markets.

BP Oil spill reaction

The rogue, tyrannical Obama EPA, which is supposed to be the champion of a clean environment whenever they can peel their eyeballs away from watching pornography on their taxpayer-funded computers, confirmed Friday that they had somehow performed a massive chemical spill of their own, “accidentally” poisoning one of America’s most important and pristine rivers, the Colorado River.

The massive spill of over one million gallons of water contaminated with lead, arsenic, cadmium, copper and aluminum, resulting in a “Dorito-hued sludge,” causing the river to be closed off to human access.

I wonder if the poor animals and fish will see the “Stay Away” signs? Where are the environmentalists demanding that the controlist Obama EPA be shut down and their leaders imprisoned or worse, like they did in the case of the BP oil spill?

The Daily Beast Reports:

In a wildly ironic—and tragic—case of “with friends like these,” members of the Environmental Protection Agency looking into pollutants at an abandoned mine in southwestern Colorado accidently unleashed around a million gallons of polluted water with their heavy machinery on Thursday. Rushing into the pristine Animas River, the water immediately turned a brilliant yellow-orange from the heavy metals contained in the waste, which include zinc, iron, copper, and more.

More than 70 miles of river have been closed, stretching all the way to New Mexico, and the city of Durango has issued warnings to curtail water use and irrigation.

A search of communist progressive Daily Kos, one of the leading leftist wackjob sites in the nation, reveal this article about the spill, with a whopping seven (7) comments from the normally enraged dupes, none of which seemed particularly upset over the horrific spill by the left’s favorite government bureaucracy. Here’s a sample screenshot:


You see, there will never be any outrage over this by the hypocritical left because it doesn’t fit nicely into their anti-American, anti-freedom agenda. There will be no movement to eliminate the Obama EPA or put them out of business. There will be no marches, no protests, no demanding the head of the EPA head goon Gina McCarthy. There will be no ridiculous Twitter outrage campaigns with moronic hashtags to their robotic useful idiots. Doing so would not do a thing to advance their communist agenda, so who cares about orange rivers?

Enjoy your FORMERLY pristine river, lefties (see below), and thank your warmist “environmentalists” at the Obama EPA while you’re at it:

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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