Which Candidate Said They Wanted a Database for Immigrants? HINT: It Wasn’t Trump [VIDEO]

There is a 2016 presidential candidate who once expressed grave concern about immigrants in this country. In fact, this candidate invoked 9/11 as the reason for their concern saying that while the hijackers may have arrived in the country legally, they overstayed their visa thereby making them illegal.

Before you think you know which party this candidate belongs to, let me just say that this person is not a Republican. I know you’re thinking, “What? But Democrats always say that Republicans are anti-immigrant and racist!” WRONG. The person who spoke about the desire for a database to track all immigrants was none other than Democrat-darling Hillary “Rotten” Clinton.

While Hillary isn’t discussing her desire for a national database to track immigrants during this election cycle, she did openly and willingly discuss it when she was running for the Democrat nomination for the presidency in 2007. Nowadays, she undoubtedly wants her words to remain buried. But, unfortunately for Hillary, there is such a thing as video and her views on an immigrant database were captured on it.

The video was filmed at a campaign event in Iowa in November 2007. At the time, Hillary let it be known that she believed it was of the utmost importance to establish a database of immigrants so that we can know where they are.

“I feel really strongly about this because, you know, some of those hijackers who flew those planes into the World Trade Center, they came here legally, and then they overstayed. So they were here illegally and we didn’t have a clue.”

Then, she added the real kicker that, if she were a Republican, would get her raked over the coals, labeled a hater and a racist, and leaned upon to drop out of the race.

“I want to know who’s in this country. I want to keep track of them. So bring them out of the shadows,” a very serious Hillary said. Why isn’t the left stream media referring to Hillary as Hilteresque? Oh wait. That’s right. It’s because she’s a Democrat, so she gets a pass. The media, or the Democrats, will not grill her on this stance, which would get her referred to as a hate-filled, anti-American bigot if she was a Republican.

There are many more gems that can be learned from this video which shows the flip-flopping hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton, including her stance on border security back then. The Clintons have been known to be the ultimate political hypocrites, sticking their fingers in the wind to see which way the polls are blowing.

Looks like Hillary is carrying on that tradition, saying whatever is politically expedient. But, I guess we should expect that from someone does not stand on principle, but rather is driven by a hunger for power.

h/t Daily Caller

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