Which GOP Presidential Candidate has Come Out Swinging in Defense of the Failed Dept. of Education?

The Department of Education, which was thrust upon the country by Democrat President Jimmy Carter, has been argued by many to be counter-intuitive to its mission. Since it’s inception, education in America has not gotten better. In many ways, it has gotten worse with American lagging behind the rest of the world. It has simply created a bureaucratic red tape mess and soaks up funds which could be better used by the states for the education of students.

If the school system fared well before the monstrosity was created, is it really necessary for it to exist? Does it add value or does it get in the way of real strides that could be made in advancing the education of future generations? That argument is why many conservatives and those within the Tea Party movement have called for abolishing the Department of Education.

But, not GOP presidential candidate and current governor of Ohio John Kasich.

Kasich has gone on record to not only defend the Department of Education, but also said that Republicans were wrong in the 1990s to propose eliminating it.

In addressing the Department of Education, Kasich had harsh words for Republicans from over two decades ago, himself included, who proposed doing away with the department. He said, “When we used the rhetoric that we’re going to kill the Department of Education, you know what independents heard? Oh, so the Republicans want to kill education. We’ve got to be careful with the way in which we use our rhetoric.”

These remarks were delivered at an education forum hosted by the advocacy groups American Federation for Children and the Seventy Four.

Also a strong supporter and defender of the controversial Common Core, which he said improved education in his state, Kasich also went on to say, “Fundamentally, we need to begin to transfer money and influence and power out of that town [Washington, D.C.]”

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He said he would accomplish this by consolidating federal education programs into a single grant that would go back to the states. This grant, however, would come with a federal overseer who would make sure the money was being used for education rather than for other ventures.

Those who support the dismantling and elimination of the Department of Education would ask what’s the point of states sending money to the federal government only to have them siphon off a large portion for unnecessary bureaucracy then send back a smaller amount to them.

Wouldn’t the students in each state be better served with more funds if states were able to keep all of the education labeled dollars for themselves with the federal government getting no cut?

The CATO Institute, a free market think tank, has an excellent site focused on Downsizing the Government. In the education section, the opening section offers a brief explanation as to the massive problem with even having such a thing as the Department of Education as well as the detrimental effect of its existence.

The Department of Education operates a wide range of subsidy programs for elementary and secondary schools. The aid and related federal regulations have not generally lifted academic achievement. The department also subsidizes higher education through student loan programs. Unfortunately, that aid has fueled inflation in college tuition and is subject to widespread abuse.

The department will spend about $103 billion in 2015, or $837 for every U.S. household. It employs 4,000 workers and operates 120 different subsidy programs.

Talk about sucking the life out of education dollars while ruining the system.

The great free market economist Milton Friedman would disagree with Kasich. He is quoted on September 20, 2000 in the Wall Street Journal as saying, “Only a truly competitive educational industry can empower the ultimate consumers of educational services—parents and their children.”

With the federal government’s tentacles in education across the states, both with the Department of Education and Common Core, competitiveness is lost and the real losers in this are the very children the department purports to educate.

h/t Washington Times

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