Which Republicans Voted to Confirm Obama Nominated Judge Who Blocked Planned Butcherhood Videos?

The baby butcher factory known as Planned Parenthood has come under fire after videos shot by the Center for Medical Progress following a 30-month undercover investigation reveal the gruesome and illegal practices of the group in selling murdered baby body parts and the callous nature in which they discuss it. On July 31, U.S. District Court Judge William Orrick III granted a temporary restraining order blocking the release of videos that may have been recorded involving Stem Express, one of the buyers baby body partys from Planned Parenthood.

Orrick was a big Obama donor and fundraiser before he became a U.S. District Court judge for the Northern District of California. According to Gilbert Watch, a publication out of Arizona, Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) was the only Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee to vote aye when Orrick’s nomination was reported to the committee on February 23, 2013. This vote was along mostly party lines with Flake being the only Republican to vote aye in the 11 ayes to 7 nays vote.

Gilbert Watch notes that Flake is a poor judge of character. Should the fact that Orrick was highly recommended by Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), who is a huge Planned Parenthood supporter, have set off alarm bells with Flake, who was thought of by many as a conservative before he revealed himself to be more of a flake after winning his Senate seat?

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Flake didn’t stop there, however.

When the Senate voted for Orrick’s confirmation on May 13, 2013, Flake once again voted in favor of the confirmation. He was one of three Republicans to cross the aisle and vote with the Democrats to confirm Orrick to his district judge seat. The other two Republicans who voted for Orrick were Senators Susan Collins from Maine and Lisa Murkowski from Alaska. Full roll call can be seen HERE.

Should Flake, Collins, and Murkowski have been concerned that Orrick had raised $200,000 for Obama and donated $30,800 to committees that supported him and considered those facts when they voted yes to confirm him?

One would think that would set off a red light for anyone with any common sense.

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