While You Were Remembering Our Fallen Heroes on Memorial Day Weekend, Obama Was Busy Destroying Capitalism

Obama Tyrant

Don’t let the endless stories about Obama virtually living on the golf course fool you. He’s not relaxing, or at least his cabal of unelected Marxist bureaucrats aren’t

While most Americans weren’t paying attention to the news, but were observing the Memorial Day weekend, remembering our fallen heroes who have died fighting to stop the kind of tyranny Obama has brought to America, the controlist Obama Regime slipped in thousands of more freedom and prosperity-killing regulations (laws) while no one was looking, furthering the stranglehold of the burearcratic state.

Most people use holidays to commemorate or celebrate something. Obama uses them to slip in more tyranny while reporters aren’t working and Americans are distracted.

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As the Daily Caller reported, Obama used the Memorial Day Weekend to issue a whopping 2,300 new regulations, red tape that could be the most expensive in U.S. History:

The White House released its Fall 2014 Unified Agenda the day before Thanksgiving, and Obama’s Spring 2014 agenda was released the Friday before Memorial Day weekend — both days involve millions of people travelling across the country and paying little attention to political news.


While this spring’s regulatory agenda has fewer regulations than the agenda from last fall, this year’s regulatory plan includes what could be the costliest regulation in U.S. history: the EPA’s proposed national ozone standard.

And of course, it’s Obama’s favorite front group, the eco-tyrants at the EPA who are at the root of the this latest trip towards totalitarianism.

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Obama learned well from his community organizing god, Saul Alinsky, who said in his Rules for Radicals that communism and authoritarianism could be brought to America through getting useful idiots to rally around fighting “pollution,” opening the door up to the leftist radical’s real agenda — destroying capitalism.

“Remember: once you organize people around something as commonly agreed upon as pollution, then an organized people is on the move,” Alinsky wrote.

Recall that current CNN host, Van Jones, Obama’s first “Green Czar” was a Alinsky disciple and a self-described communist.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party, led by RINOs Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, are gleefully funding this tyranny, all while acting like they oppose it.

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Matthew K. Burke
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