White House: Conservatives’ ‘Extreme Ideology’ Forced McCarthy to Drop-Out of Speaker Race

The Obama Administration does not serve as an administrator of government; instead, the White House functions as a hub of “spin.” Obama and his minions serve as mere propagandists to explain why nothing has been the president’s fault and their main function does not appear to be as a branch of government so much as a crafter of manipulative narratives.

Of all these preposterous narratives, none are so ludicrous as the “conservatives are extreme” mantra.

Abiding by the Constitution and adhering to the economic system that produced the most-rapid advancement of a nation and her people in the world’s history. What’s so extreme about that?

According to White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, current House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy was forced to drop-out of the race for the speaker position to quell the outrage of conservatives in Congress who possess an “extreme ideology.”

The Hill reports on the turmoil and Earnest’s assessment:

Press secretary Josh Earnest said it might be easy to “poke fun at the chaos,” but stressed that House Republicans need to choose a leader who can quell a vocal faction of conservatives “that places their extreme ideology ahead of everything else.”

“The challenge facing the next Speaker of the House … is the same challenge John Boehner faced: to unite a divided Republican caucus,” Earnest told reporters.

President Obama believes the next Speaker will need to “tame the forces” of the “extreme ideologues” within the GOP and compromise with Democrats to pass important legislation, Earnest added.

McCarthy announced he would drop out of the Speaker’s race on Thursday amid doubts he could reach the 218 votes he needed to be elected on the House floor later this month.

Currently, the GOP is engaged in a civil war. The Republican Party is fitted with an establishment leadership that is truly out-of-touch with the conservative base of the GOP. They have continued to ignore this vocal opposition and when offered the chance to behave as Republicans, many, including current Speaker John Boehner and current Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have opted to merely advance the liberal agenda at a slower pace than Democrats otherwise would.

With Republicans controlling both houses of Congress, many within the party have expected more conservative action but have, instead, been offered tiresome excuses from GOP establishment elites like Boehner and McCarthy.

As such, it’s hardly surprising that McCarthy would bow-out before forcing a showdown in the House where he was unlikely to meet the threshold needed for his ascension to the seat.

Further, the White House’s assertion that conservatism constitutes an “extreme ideology” is absurd. It’s an urging to adhere to the principles that created and sustained our nation.

However, for those looking to radically transform America into a defunct, second-rate nation, such an ideology might appear “extreme.”

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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