The Danger of Brainwashing White Kids Into Believing They are Inherently Racist in One Tweet

This is one of the most ridiculous and sad things I have seen in a long time. We live in an America today where the notion that everything is racist is pushed so much, even by “the first black president of the United States,” that terms such as “microaggression” is a prominent part of the conversation. What’s a microaggression, you might ask? It’s a racist action so small, so minute, that the white person committing it doesn’t even realize they are doing it. It is used to push the victimization notion of “systemic racism,” a world in which every white person is deemed racist in some capacity because of their “microaggressions” and racism in their DNA.

Sick, right?

It saddens me to witness the brainwashing that is going on in this country, brainwashing that is even being pushed by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, that all white people are racist. While I was perusing Twitter, I noticed one tweet of a picture that sums up the danger of brainwashing white kids to believe they are inherently racist.

Josh Welch, a white high school student from Maryland, dressed up as a thief on the day that students were asked to dress in such a way to celebrate their culture. Why did he dress up as a thief? Because, he said, white people steal other people’s cultures every day. (Think about the complaints about the musical sounds of Adele and Justin Bieber and the complaints when the Kardashians wear cornrows.)

Notice that this cultural Marxism BS has been retweeted nearly 39,000 times and liked more than 69,000 times.

Josh already self-identifies as a social justice warrior, the result of the progressive control and indoctrination of the school system. It should come as no surprise that his tweet is being praised by many.

Welcome to Obama’s America. Where racial divisiveness was all part of the “fundamental transformation” that he promised.


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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
Jennifer is a Co-Founder of PolitiStick and the Editor-in-Chief. She is a graduate of Texas A&M University and a certified teacher with 12 years experience in the classroom. Jennifer attended what is credited for being the first modern-day Tea Party rally in the country in the Seattle area and from there emerged as a powerful speaker and writer within the movement. While still in Washington State, Jennifer was selected to be a member of the second graduating class of the Jennifer Dunn Leadership Institute (JDLI), a program which identified future conservative leaders. Jennifer worked as the National Outreach Director for one of the largest conservative groups in the country and served as Managing Editor and writer for what quickly grew to become one of the top 15 conservative sites in the country. She brings to Politistick a passion for the fight for freedom for current and future generations.

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