Are You a White Male? The Progressive DC Schools Spox Wants ‘To Get Rid’ of You

Hilary Tone, DC Public Schools Spox Image: Twitter

The Left loves to talk about bullying, even hypocritically using bully tactics to do so. They hurl accusations of Islamaphobia if you talk about Islamic terrorism. They accuse you of homophobia if you believe in traditional marriage. They claim that if you don’t support the killing of innocent, defenseless babies in the womb then you are anti-women’s rights. Heck, Barack Obama even recently implied that anyone who is opposed to the welfare system is a racist. You get the picture.

But there are three groups that the Left seems to have no problem attacking – white men, Christians, and conservatives who happen to be women or minorities. (Okay, maybe that’s technically four.)

Case in point.

Hilary Tone, the spokesperson for DC Public Schools, recently said not once, but twice, that she wants to eliminate white men.

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry, the longest-serving governor in Lone Star State history, was recently named Secretary of Energy by President-elect Donald Trump. Under Perry’s leadership, Texas led the nation in job creation, wind energy, natural gas and oil production and electric generation. The Left is in a tizzy because when Perry ran for president in 2012, he said he wanted to eliminate the Department of Energy.

In response to the naming of Perry, Tone both tweeted and posted on Facebook her desire to “abolish” and “get rid of” white men.

Here is her tweet in which she insinuates that she wants to abolish white men.


And here’s her Facebook post where she says she wants to be Secretary of White Men so she can get rid of them.


Think about it. This woman is the spokesperson for DC public schools which no doubt employs white men. They also most definitely educate young white men. But, hey, they’re one group that’s fair game for attack and ridicule by hypocritical, bigoted Leftists.

Interestingly enough, Hilary Tone herself appears to be white. Does she not have a problem with white women or is she self-loathing and suffering from white guilt?

At this rate, Democrats will push to outlaw being a white male. Or, maybe not. After all, they have to have a whipping boy and a straw man to demonize at every turn in order to push their divisive agenda.

h/t Daily Caller

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Jennifer Burke
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