White Privilege? Looks Like #BlackLivesMatter has their Own ‘Rachel Dolezal’

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We hear time and again from race baiters ranging from Al “Not So” Sharpton to Barack Hussein Obama that blacks in America don’t have a fair shot because other people don’t pay their fair share. They say that being black in America means you experience rampant discrimination and, because of the history of slavery in America, courtesy of their Democrat party, blacks are at a disadvantage to this day.

But, if that’s the case, if it is so horrible to be black in America today, then why are white people passing themselves off as black? Are they gluttons for the punishment of darker pigmentation that Obama and Sharpton claim sets all blacks back, despite their own unearned success, that they would subject themselves to the horrible, rampant racism that Sharpton and Obama claims exists in America?

A few months ago, Rachel Dolezal, the president of the NAACP chapter in Spokane, was exposed by her parents of faking her ethnicity. For years, she presented herself as black, when in reality she is as white as the driven snow. Pictures of her as a child emerged with strawberry blonde hair, pale white skin, and freckles. To this day, Dolezal contends that she is black because, as she claims, that is how she identifies.

Now, there is a male version of Rachel Dolezal who has made a name for himself as one of the chief radical racist rabble rousers in that anarchist based movement.

Shaun King, a ‘justice correspondent” for the far-left communistic Daily Kos, is not only a leader in the #BlackLivesMatter anarchist mess, he also attended a historically black college on scholarship thanks to Oprah Winfrey. The scholarship was for black students. There’s only one problem.

Shaun King is not black.

Pictures have emerged of King, along with the rest of his family, that lay to rest any claims that he is black or bi-racial or whatever.


As you can see, King is whiter than a marshmallow. He is whiter than white rice. He is no more black than Shirley Temple. Okay, I know her last name after getting married was Black, but that was in no way related to her ethnicity.

Yet, he has passed himself off as black as he rails against the racism of whites. Even worse, he has made the public claim that when he was 15 years old, he was the victim of a brutal, racially motivated beating by people he referred to as racist rednecks. This claim was refuted by the police who said that his injuries were minor, not life threatening as he claimed, and there were not a dozen attackers. In addition, in the police report, King identified himself as white.


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But, since Shaun King is really white and he claims he was the victim of a hate crime, wouldn’t it have been at the hands of non-whites?

Of course, you have those who are writing off King’s decades long lies about his ethnicity saying they don’t diminish the work that he has done. This is a clear sign that, in today’s society, integrity and truthfulness are meaningless.

In a sane society, Dolezal and King would be called out for their racism and living life in black face, deceiving others, and stealing opportunities away from real blacks with their fake claims of being black.

Black conservatives are accused of being self-loathing for daring not to be Democrats. By that logic, why aren’t those on the Left calling out King as being a self-loathing white man, so determined to turn his back on his heritage that he feels the need to pass himself off as black?

Steven Crowder captured the sheer lunacy, irony, and hypocrisy of Shaun King in a fabulous meme.


That about sums it up!

h/t Steven Crowder

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