Who are America’s 11 Most Popular Governors? HINT: They’re All from One Party

Gov. Charlie Baker (R-MA), Gov. Larry Hogan (R-MD), Gov. Doug Burgum (R-ND), Gov. Phil Scott (R-VT)

Morning Consult released a new poll on Tuesday morning which revealed that the 11 most popular governors are all Republicans. The firm polled 85,000 registered voters from around the country and focused on the evaluation of the job performance of governors in all 50 states from January to March 2017.

The Washington Times reported the results of the poll which identified Massachussett’s Republican Charlie Baker as the most popular governor in the country with a job approval rating of 75-percent. Baker’s disapproval rating is 17-percent.

The next top ten most popular governors were also all Republicans.

  • Larry Hogan (Md.) — 73 percent approval, 16 percent disapproval
  • Doug Burgum (N.D.) — 69 percent approval, 16 percent disapproval
  • Phil Scott (Vt.) — 68 percent approval, 16 percent disapproval
  • Dennis Daugaard (S.D.) — 68 percent approval, 23 percent disapproval
  • Asa Hutchinson (Ark.) — 67 percent approval, 22 percent disapproval
  • Brian Sandoval (Nev.) — 64 percent approval, 22 percent disapproval
  • Greg Abbott (Texas) — 64 percent approval, 24 percent disapproval
  • Bill Haslam (Tenn.) — 64 percent approval, 24 percent disapproval
  • Gary Herbert (Utah) — 64 percent approval, 28 percent disapproval
  • Nathan Deal (Ga.) — 63 percent approval, 25 percent disapproval

The least popular governor, according to the poll, was Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Christie’s approval rating is an abysmal 25-percent. His disapproval rating sits at 71-percent.

The Democrat who fared the best in the poll was New York Governor Andrew Cuomo with an approval rating of 62-percent and a disapproval rating of 31-percent. Connecticut Democrat Governor Dan is viewed the worst by his constituents among Democrat governors. Of those polled, 66-percent of voters disapprove of his performance as opposed to 29-percent who approve.

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