Who Owns Your Candidate?

People get so caught up in rhetoric and whatever “dog and pony” show the media decides to put out there, that they forget our elections – those career politicians – are really only “all about the Benjamins”.

We need to understand whose checkbooks are buying the candidates running for President….after all, it will be those pockets that your candidate will be beholden to….who will be their puppet master…who will ultimately be in control of your candidate?

I am beyond over having to deal with these crooked career politicians who have taken the sacred oath of service to this country and twisted it into a means of greedily lining theirs in such excess that there is NO justification.

What everyone has seemed to have forgotten is that elected officials WORK FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE…NOT for special interests who pay for their damn campaign.  We have come to accept that politicians will be bought and paid for.  Sure, it costs money to run a campaign…especially a presidential campaign.  But ask yourselves, why does it have to be a multi-million dollar endeavor?  Maybe the answer lies within the question itself…multi-millions.

We are (our country is) being destroyed because of these people…we must put a stop to it.  NOW.

Let me show you an interesting little tidbit I put together…yes, it’s a lot of info, but please look it over…I took the time to dig for the information because I know it’s important to get out there…so READ it…absorb it, and be AWARE of who is funding your candidate, and ultimately who owns your candidate.


Goldman Sachs ($161,100)

Neuberger Berman LLC ($65,800)

Bank of America ($43,750)

Citigroup Inc ($41,500)

Tenet Healthcare ($35,900)

“The Right to Rise” SuperPac (over $1,000,000)

(Also high on the list of donors is Hushang Ansary – Iran’s Ambassador to the U.S. 1967-1969, Miami healthcare company owners, New York investment bankers, Mike Fernandez – Cuban/American billionaire)


Morgan & Morgan ($274,767)

George Soros ($200,000)

Steven Spielberg ($200,000)

Sullivan & Cromwell ($148,100)

Akin, Grump et al ($125,598)

Yale University ($95,434)

Latham & Watkins ($94,580)

“Priorities USA Action” SuperPac (over $25,000,000)

(Also high on the list of donors is, Morgan Stanley, Time Warner, JPMorgan Chase & Co, Citigroup Inc, Goldman Sachs, DLA Piper)


Steve Cohen – hedge fund manager ($2,000,000)

Quicken Loans ($750,000)

Home Depot ($250,000)

Linda McMahon – wrestling mogul ($250,000)

August Busch – Anheuser-Busch heir ($100,000)

*Ferreira Construction ($100,000)

*George Harms Construction ($25,000)

“America Leads” SuperPAC ($11,000,000)

(Also high on the list of donors is Public Service Enterprise Group, Stephen Wynn – Las Vegas casino mogul, Meg Whitman – Hewlett/Packard CEO)

*Note: both received MILLIONS of dollars in contracts from the State of New Jersey in 2014


Every Union you can pretty much imagine, have jumped on board with this socialist who is saying he will take on big banks and crony capitalism to “fight for the middle class”…be afraid of this bastard…very afraid.  MILLIONS are embracing him because they’re too ignorant to see what he really is all about: the sequel to Obama’s “reformation” and “change” and they believe that the government will take care of them…

Machinists/Aerospace Workers Union ($105,000)

Teamsters Union ($93,700)

National Education Association ($89,242)

United Auto Workers ($79,750)

United Food & Commercial Workers Union ($72,500)

And the list goes on and on….to the tune MILLIONS in donations from Unions.

No SuperPac donors…

(Visit opensecrets.org to see the LONG list of donors)


Goldman Sachs ($65,830)

Steward Health Care ($49,400)

Titan Farms ($23,200)

Florida Crystals ($21,700)

Oracle Corporation ($21,600)

“Conservative Solutions” SuperPAC ($16,000,000)

(Also high on the list of donors is Norman Braman – auto dealer and former owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, Besilu Stables, Laura Perlmutter – wife to Isaac Perlmutter, the CEO of Marvel Entertainment)


Woodforest National Bank ($75,200)

Morgan Lewis LLP ($68,850)

Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher ($52,950)

Pachulski, Stang et al ($41,000)

Jennmar Corporation ($40,850)

There are four SuperPacs donating to the Cruz campaign, all funded by Robert Mercer – a Long Island hedge fund magnate, total monies raised $31,000,000


Coca-Cola Co ($21,850)

West Coast Venture Capital ($21,600)

Trailiner Corporation ($10,800)

Ankom Technology ($10,400)

Jea Senior Living ($10,000)

There are two SuperPACS donating to the Carson campaign, “One Vote” SuperPAC and “National Draft Ben Carson for President” SuperPAC, total monies raised $20,000,000

(Interesting to note that despite any “big money” pouring into the Carson campaign, the campaign is the only one that is flourishing with “small donors”….84% of Carson’s donors wrote checks for less than $500)


LISI Inc ($12,400)

Renaissance Technologies ($10,800)

Western Care Construction ($10,800)

Echo Pacific Construction ($10,400)

Wilson, Sonsini et al ($8,100)

“Carly for America” SuperPAC ($2,600,000)

(Also high on the list of donors is venture capitalist Tom Perkins, former Intel CEO Paul Otellini, former Univision CEO Jerry Perenchio, WWE’s Linda McMahon, LA asset firm, TCW founder Robert Day)


Pretty much every prominent Ohio political donor has coughed up money for this centrist including Abigail Wexner (her hubby is the founder of The Limited), John P. McConnell (CEO of Worthington Industries and majority owner of the Columbus Blue Jackets), John and Ann Wolfe (former owners of The Dispatch)

MMWP12 LLC ($500,000)

“New Day for America” SuperPAC ($11,000,000)

(Also high on the list of donors is venture capitalist Floyd Kvamme, Crown Equipment Corporation’s Jim Dicke, Philip Geier Jr. of the Geier Group)

And then there is this candidate….


Self-financed ($100,000,000)

I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking I’d much rather have a candidate who is beholden to no one, except themselves, sitting in a position of governance.

There will be people who will say being beholden only to oneself is too much room for their own “ego” to control them.  To that I say, “Too much room for ego leaves NO room for ass-kissing anyone else…”

Another point to note: of course, running a campaign costs money. It’s what has become accepted and the norm, especially with a presidential campaign. However, we need to look at WHO is giving that money. Look at Dr. Ben Carson. The primary source of money flowing into his campaign seems to be coming from “We, the People”….the “average American” who is willing to donate a few dollars (what they can afford) to his run. THAT speaks volumes, too.

Both Carson and Trump are not “career politicians”…both will not be ass-kissing special interests. In fact, Carson would be the one who will be more “beholden” to the voters, at the end of the day.

Bottom line: choose your candidate based on who “owns” them because at the end of the day, whoever owns our president, owns each of us too.

About the Author

Ginny Meerman
Ginny Meerman
Ginny Meerman was born and raised in Maryland, having attended public schools in the state, marrying, becoming a mother to 4, and then raising her own children there. She has dedicated much of her adult life to volunteering in the State of Maryland and beyond. Ginny has worked as a child protection & rights advocate as a CASA with Anne Arundel County CASA, an arbitrator for the hungry, homeless & working poor via Food Link, Inc. (where she sat on the Board of Directors), a mentor with Hearts and Home, where she counseled teen-aged girls dealing with the ramifications of abuse, and a spokeswoman representing women with heart disease via WomenHeart: The National Coalition for Women With Heart Disease. Ginny has been a guest contributor for PolitiChicks, Tea Party Patriots, New Patriot Journal and The Political Christian; and has been invited to speak at Pro 2A, Americans for Prosperity, Jessica’s Law, and Southern Heritage events.

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