Whoa! Clinton Friend Says Hillary ‘Not Comfortable’ Around Homosexuals, ‘Put-Off’ by Gay Rights Issues

In the run-up to her first Senate election, the husband of current 2016 presidential contender Hillary Clinton, former president Bill Clinton, confided to a friend that Hillary is “not comfortable” around homosexuals and that she is “put-off” by homosexuals who are “acting out” on issues.

In a sound clip from 1999, author Taylor Branch recalled that Bill confided in him that Hillary is uncomfortable with homosexuals.

“You know I’ve had much more contact in my life with gay people than Hillary has,” Branch claimed Bill Clinton told him. “I think she’s a little put off by some of this stuff.”

Branch was a confidant of Bill Clinton and was granted access to the Clintons in the 1990’s which would be turned into a 2009 book, “The Clinton Tapes: Wrestling History with the President.”

Branch recorded the many conversations with the president, but Clinton was allowed to keep the tapes. However, Branch would take notes and record his own recollections of the conversations with the president after each conversation.

After taking a call from his wife, Bill returned to his chat with Branch and reportedly claimed that his signing of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, “I thought … was right at the time and I’m not sure that it is.”

“Generally I support the gay agenda right down the line to the partnership act and the right to inherit and the right to be treated as a couple,” Clinton continued.

“He said, ‘This was hard for me and I’m sure there are a few things that are hard for me to swallow, but I think Hillary, emotionally speaking, still finds the issue harder to swallow than I do, ’Branch said recalling his conversation with Bill Clinton. “It could be difficult for her in New York politics, how far she’ll be asked to go,” Branch said Bill noted.

In his audio recorder after the conversation, Branch stated,

“Anyway, he [Bill Clinton] mentioned that, it’s also, I think, saying that Hillary had kind of a conservative religious temperament and was not likely to be comfortable, I guess, around gay people who were kind of acting out, or pushing her to the limit. She did have general discomfort.”

Hillary has flip-flopped on the issue of traditional marriage. Whereas once both she and Bill supported the sacred institution, in recent years, she has “evolved” on the subject- a code word for liberals who are savvy enough to see that sacrificing their principles can yield political windfalls with the radicalized left.

During her 2000 Senate election bid, Hillary claimed,

“Marriage has got historic, religious and moral content that goes back to the beginning of time, and I think a marriage is as a marriage has always been, between a man and a woman.”

Again, in 2004, then-Senator Clinton defended this position on the Senate floor and espoused,

“I believe that marriage is not just a bond, but a sacred bond, between and a man and a woman.”

Though she once supported the Defense of Marriage Act, Hillary backed-away from it and claimed that she would strip the act of several key provisions during her 2007 bid for the presidency.

It was not until 2013, a full year after President Obama “evolved” on the issue, that Clinton opportunistically “evolved” on the issue as well, saying,

“LGBT Americans are our colleagues, our teachers, our soldiers, our friends, our loved ones. And they are full and equal citizens, and they deserve the rights of citizenship. That includes marriage.”

The truth is that politicians are allowed to and, at times, obliged to evolve on issues. Everybody has a right to change their perspective.

However, the issue of homosexual unions has become a black-and-white issue for the “progressive” left who asserts that Democrats are “right” on this issue and everybody else is “wrong”- despite the fact that many, many Democrats shared the conservative viewpoint on marriage until very recently.

Still, to the left, these flip-floppers are the longtime champions of LGBT issues and the GOP is comprised of Neanderthals and knuckle-draggers who are not as enlightened as liberals who changed their opinions last week to gain a political advantage.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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