WHOA! Leading GOP Establishment Pundit Vows to Go Third-Party if Trump Wins Nomination

The GOP establishment has been literally quaking in their boots over the prospects of bombastic billionaire Donald Trump running on a third-party ticket, should he not win the nomination.

Many in GOP circles believe a third-party run by Trump would guarantee a victory for the Democrat nominee, as Ross Perot’s third-party run did in 1992. Perot then split the GOP vote that year, giving Democrat Bill Clinton a victory over George H. W. Bush, even though he received less than 50% of the popular vote.

So paranoid has the GOP establishment been over the prospect of a Trump third-party bid, that they coerced him into signing a pledge that he would not run third-party, even if someone other than he were to win the nomination.

Well, it looks like GOP party head Reince Priebus may want to pass around that pledge among the inner circles of the establishment as leading big government Republican pundit, Bill Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard, and a regular on Sunday morning political television, told CNNMoney in an email exchange that he would be looking to support a third-party candidate, someone other than a Republican, if Donald Trump wins the Republican presidential nomination.

“I doubt I’d support Donald. I doubt I’d support the Democrat. I think I’d support getting someone good on the ballot as a third-party candidate.”

Kristol revealed that his dream ticket would be one of Former George W. Bush Vice President Dick Cheney running for president and freshman Senator Tom Cotton as his running mate, “would be an excellent independent ticket.”

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Sounds like someone is picking up their toys and running home.

As you will recall, at the first Republican presidential debate, Trump was the only candidate who said that he would not necessarily support just any candidate other than himself in the general election, causing GOP establishment heads to collectively explode.

Meanwhile, the Club for Growth on Tuesday announced a new $1 million anti-Trump advertising campaign in the early caucus state of Iowa, the latest shot in the ongoing feud between the leading free-enterprise advocacy group and the current GOP frontrunner.

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