WHOA! There’s a New GOP Frontrunner in the Largest State in the Nation

Surging constitutional conservative Ted Cruz’s campaign strategy is to “reassemble that old Reagan Coalition” that led to massive and shocking landslide victories in two presidential elections — despite the naysayers in both parties who attempted to paint Reagan as “too radical,” “too conservative,” and “unelectable.”

Now it looks like Cruz, who is at second place in all national polls behind current frontrunner Donald Trump, is doing just that in Reagan’s home state of California.

Ted Cruz has skyrocketed to the lead in the most populous state in the nation — California, a state that was formerly conservative (and prosperous) during the Reagan years, but has been overrun by progressive leftist Democrats and illegal aliens.

In the new Field Poll released on January 5, Ted Cruz has overtaken Donald Trump, raking in 25% of those polled, up from only 6% in the previous poll taken in October, an increase of fourfold.

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Trump comes in second place at 23%, but even though he’s dropped to second place, his support has increased in the state. Trump was at 17% in October, meaning that he and Cruz have taken away support from most of the other candidates.

Marco Rubio, who had 10% in October and increased to 13% in the January California poll, is in third place, followed by Dr. Ben Carson (9%) and Rand Paul (6%).

Ted Cruz California Poll

Ted Cruz’s lead is expanded when people are asked to combine their first choice with their second choice. Under that scenario, Cruz takes a 47% to 34% lead over Trump. Only 11% have Trump as their second choice, while double that, 22% have Cruz as their second choice.

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Ted Cruz CA Poll

The Field Poll also points out that 45% of Californians polled have an unfavorable view of Trump, while just over half, 51%, hold him in a favorable light.

Ted Cruz had the highest favorables, with 69% finding the Texas Senator as favorable and only 20% found him unfavorable.

The California primary is scheduled for Tuesday, June 7. The first official test will be the upcoming Iowa Caucus, which will take place on February 1.


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