Why Did Sarah Palin Endorse Trump Over Cruz? She Explains

Prior to Sarah Palin endorsing reality TV star and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump for the presidency, both she and her 25-year old daughter Bristol went on the attack against Texas Senator Ted Cruz whose candidacy for Senate Palin had staunchly backed in 2012.

Following along with the Donald Trump narrative being pushed that Cruz “is a nasty guy,” Bristol penned an article on Patheos attacking Cruz and his campaign for daring to comment when asked a direct question, prior to Palin’s endorsement, about the potential endorsement. Cruz’s spokesperson, Rick Tyler, said he thought it would be a blow to Palin’s reputation.

Bristol, enraged by the commentary, wrote an article titled “Is THIS Why People Don’t Like Cruz?” In it, she attacked Cruz as a flip-flopper for his spokesperson daring to make such a statement about her mother, and calling him “arrogant” as well as a “typical politician.”

Sarah Palin retweeted that article not once, but twice basically giving her endorsement as well to her daughter’s hate-filled words towards Cruz. Ted Cruz handled the endorsement with class by tweeting, “I love @SarahPalinUSA Without her support, I wouldn’t be in the Senate. Regardless of what she does in 2016, I will always be a big fan.”

Now, it appears that Sarah Palin is walking back the vitriol spewed about Cruz by her daughter which she condoned in her retweets.

During an interview Monday on the Today show, Palin said it was not a tough decision in choosing between Trump and Cruz for president, and it had nothing to do with Trump’s mantra that “Cruz is a nasty guy” that she and her daughter helped perpetuate.

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According to Sarah Palin now, she endorsed Trump over Cruz because she wants to keep Cruz in the Senate to fight for the American people. She also reminded everyone about the difference she made Cruz’s Senate run.

“It wasn’t tough,” Mrs. Palin said on NBC’s “Today” show. “I had supported Ted Cruz in his run for Senate there out in Texas, and when I endorsed him, he was barely a blip on the radar screen down there in terms of in the polls and what people were perceiving, and then at the last minute being able to get in there and kind of hopefully we helped, added some momentum to his campaign.”

Palin contends now that, “I want to keep him in the Senate, and I want Donald Trump to be our president.” As if to explain the importance of a “Senator Cruz”, she added that she supports Cruz “being there in the Senate to be a fighter for the American people, for our will.”

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