The Widow of Benghazi Victim Tyrone Woods Has a Message for Hillary Clinton [VIDEO]

Dorothy Woods (Image Credit: CNN, via screenshot)

Because Obama and Hillary sat on their thumbs, more concerned about which uniforms a military response team should wear rather than kicking Islamic terrorist ass, this beautiful young lady is without a husband.

But that didn’t stop cold-hearted ice queen Hillary Clinton from declaring that Americans like Dorothy Woods should “move on” from the scandal which left four Americans to die in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012.

Dorothy Woods, the widow of Tyrone Woods, one of the victims of Obama and Hillary’s treasonous conduct, isn’t about to let Hillary or anyone else in government, for that matter, to tell her to “move on.”

On CNN Thursday, Dorothy Woods responded to Hillary’s “move on” admonition.

“No one in government can tell me how I feel, what I should fee about it — she has no right — nor does anyone in government have the right to tell me, ‘It’s time to move on.'”

Mrs. Woods said Hillary’s “move on” remark is representative of how the Obama Regime, including Hillary Clinton’s State Department, have responded to the Benghazi terrorist attacks. They’ve been “dismissive” and rather than cooperating with the investigation, they’ve stonewalled and ridiculed it, hoping enough time would pass that Americans would want to “move on.”

But of course, we can’t expect heartless Hillary would have any feeling for the victims’ families. She did, after all, knowingly lie to their faces, blaming the Islamic terrorist attack on an obscure YouTube video.


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Matthew K. Burke
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