Wild-Eyed Socialist Sanders’ Lack of Compassion on Display with What He Forced the Homeless to Do

Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders describes himself as a ‘Democratic socialist.’ I guess he thinks that sounds a lot nicer than ‘communist’ or ‘Marxist.’ After all, the source of his constant ridicule, attacks, and plans to target should, heaven forbid, he become president are private insurance companies and privately-owned banks.

Though the Democrat party likes to sell itself as one of youth and compassionate, that theory is blown when you look at the stage of the Democrat debates and see an old white woman who is as corrupt as the day is long and an older white man who is a crotchety socialist/Marxist who has capitalized on progressives filling the minds of our youth with lies about capitalism being bad and socialism, which has failed everywhere it’s been tried in the world, as the saving grace.

Sanders’ constant railing against the ‘rich’ and his efforts to pit Americans of different socioeconomic levels against one another makes Obama’s last seven years of divisiveness look like amateur hour. But, for all his talk about his compassion for the poor and his attempt to create envy and jealousy so that he can capitalize on his promise to make the rich pay for their success for confiscating larger amounts of their money so he can play Santa Claus, like all socialists, communists, Marxists, Bernie’s personal actions don’t quite mesh with his words.

On Monday night, Sanders held a rally in Birmingham, Alabama. Since it was the celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, he decided to use that day to sell his snake oil of ‘socialism’ where MLK rose to prominence. Of course, he bragged about it on Twitter as well as the crowd that showed up.

What he failed to mention, not surprisingly, was that the auditorium where his rally was held served as a warming station for the city’s homeless. On what was the coldest night of the year, with temperatures falling to 20 degrees overnight, but feeling more like 15 degrees with wind chill factor, over 300 homeless people were kicked out onto the street so that Sanders could peddle his socialistic lies.

I guess they weren’t good enough to be allowed to remain in the warmth of the auditorium for his rally.

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Bravo, Bernie. I never thought I’d praise you for anything, but I you finally gave me something to praise you for. With that singular act of putting the homeless on the street rather than finding another location for your rally, you have shown the country what socialism truly is – a controlling force that lacks compassion, one that would put big government on steroids and strip people of their dignity ‘for the greater good.’ You speak a good game of compassion, but in the end, like all tyrants could care less. It’s all about you.

Socialism has led to the deaths of hundreds of millions of people worldwide. It has also led to extreme shortages of basic food and necessity shortages in modern-day Venezuela and Cuba. It is a system that does not build, but rather destroys.

That is the stench that Bernie Sanders is preaching about and he’ll kick the homeless out to the cold streets to do so.

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Jennifer Burke
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