Will Mother of San Bernardino Terrorist be Charged After What the FBI Reportedly Found in her Car?

Rafia Farook (MSNBC Screengrab via The Blaze)

Syed Farook and his Pakastani national wife Tashfeen Malik are responsible for the deaths of 14 people and injury to 21 more in San Bernardino. The two committed jihad in America when they opened fire on Farook’s co-workers who had just months before thrown him a baby shower. The two were killed by police after they opened fire on police officers in a low-speed chase.

Farook’s mother, Rafia Farook, lived with the couple but claimed to not know anything about the couple’s terrorism plans. Attorneys for the family claimed during a strange press conference last week that Rafia Farook lived upstairs so she had no knowledge of what was going on downstairs. They also complained that she had been interrogated by the FBI for seven hours. Despite claims of her innocence and supposed ignorance about a planned attack by her son and daughter-in-law, a search of her vehicle produced some damning findings.

The FBI smashed in the window of the black Lexus IS300 which was located near the home in Redlands. The Daily Mail reports on the inventory of items taken that was left on the front seat of the car.

An inventory left behind on the front seat read: ‘Apple iPhone, multi-tool, key, business card, miscellaneous indicia, bank receipt, shooting targets, hammer, vice grips, U-Haul receipt, tire receipt, notebook, garment, GoPro packaging, vacuumings, legal documents’.

The vehicle was insured under Rafia Farook’s name and her son, Syed, was listed as an insured driver.

When the terrorist attack occurred, initial reports stated that the terrorists were wearing body armor, masks, and GoPro cameras. After Farook and Malik were killed, authorities said that they were not wearing GoPro cameras. Now, the discovery of the GoPro camera receipt adds a new element to the investigation of the terrorist attack.

Although Barack Obama said during his speech to the nation on Monday that there was no evidence that these two terrorists had been directed by a global terrorist organization, ISIS, Obama’s JV team, did announce prior to his speech that Farook and Malik were their followers. Malik is reported to have pledged allegiance to ISIS online right before she and her husband launched their terrorist attack.

In addition, GoPro cameras are often used to produce videos during attacks to be used by ISIS for recruitment. If the two did wear GoPro cameras during the attack, then where are those cameras now?

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Although many on the left, including Obama, are trying to make this terrorist attack about gun control, law enforcement discovered three pipe bombs at the Inland Regional Center, the site of the terrorist attack. In addition, the Redlands home of the terrorist couple was described by authorities as an IED factory. Numerous IEDs and materials to make more were found, as well as a dozen pipe bombs and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

Given these new discoveries, will there be charges filed against Rafia Farook? Does she know more than she has claimed?

Rafia Farook is also reportedly associated with the Islamic Circle of North America, a group with known terrorist ties as well as ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic extremism.

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