Will Obama be Golfing During Justice Scalia’s Funeral? Obama Spokesman Answers

America-hating Democrat President Barack Obama, America’s first Marxist president, has always sent not so subtle messages about what and who he supports depending on which funerals he decides to attend.

For example, not only did Obama rudely not pay respects to the late, great former British leader Margaret Thatcher, but Obama didn’t even have the common decency to send a White House envoy.

Equally disgusting is the fact that he would then send an official Obama White House delegation to the funeral of Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez, an oppressive socialist madman.

Obama has also had another way to give Americans the middle finger, and that is to golf during the most inappropriate times, like the time he golfed immediately after American journalist James Foley was beheaded by the Islamic terrorists on the Obama “JV team.”

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On the news that Obama wouldn’t be attending the services for Justice Antonin Scalia, the longest-serving member of the Supreme Court, appointed by Ronald Reagan in 1986, Obama spokesman Josh Earnest was asked if Obama would be playing golf during Justice Scalia’s funeral.

Shamefully, Josh Earnest would not rule it out.

The Blaze reported from today’s daily Obama White House briefing:

“The president has said that he is not always as sensitive as he should be on optics,” one reporter asked Earnest during Wednesday’s press briefing. “Can you rule out that he’s going golfing on Saturday instead of the funeral?”

“I don’t have a sense of what the president’s plans are for Saturday,” Earnest began in reply. “The president obviously…believes it’s important for the institution of the presidency to pay his respects to somebody who dedicated three decades of his life to the institution of the Supreme Court.”

What would you expect from the treasonous Obama regime, the same regime that used the abusive power of the IRS to attack American citizens whose only sin is that they believe the U.S. Constitution should be adhered to?


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