Will the Feminazis Go After Jimmy Kimmel After He Said This to Hillary? [VIDEO]

Yes, Jimmy Kimmel, host of Jimmy Kimmel LIVE, is a comedian. Yes, he often pokes fun at political figures on his show. But, will the feminazis be laughing and nodding their heads in agreement over what Kimmel said to Hillary Clinton Thursday night?

Something tells me the answer is “no.”

Hillary, who this writer refers to as “Rosie the Robot” due to her robotic speech pattern, has been criticized for yelling. It’s almost like she’s thinking, “I can’t really dredge up any real emotion in my voice. You know, because I’m so cold and calculating. So, I know what! I’ll yell! Yeah, that’ll do it! I’ll yell! And then people will think that I’m not so cold, calculating and robotic!”

It’s not working, Hillary.

While on Kimmel’s show, he “mansplained” to Hillary exactly what is wrong with her “stump speech.” Kimmel was undoubtedly also poking fun at those who said to Hillary after a primary victory, “Smile. You won. Don’t yell so much.” But the fact of the matter is, the yelling only makes Hillary sound even less appealing.

“You want to be stylish without looking like you’re trying to be stylish, and also presidential,” Kimmel suggested, adding that she sounded “shrill.”

“Don’t smile like that because it’s too forced. It looks like you’re faking it,” offered Kimmel.

Clinton responded, “You know Jimmy, your comments are kind of contradictory,” she said, “it’s like nothing I do is right.”

You’re right on that front, Hillary. You not only have a problem with the truth, you also having a big issue in doing the right thing.

Just ask the families of the four Americans who died in the terrorist attacks at Benghazi.

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h/t Truth Revolt

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