Will the GOP Tell Goober Graham to ‘Tone it Down’ After the Hateful Thing He Just Said About a Fellow GOP Candidate?

RINO establishment squish Lindsey Graham, still fluttering near zero in all national GOP presidential polls, went unhinged against his fellow Republican presidential candidates, showing a new level of incivility against current frontrunner Donald Trump.

Responding to Trump’s plan to put a temporary halt on further Muslim migration to America following the terrorist attack in San Bernardino last week, which was committed by a Muslim couple and resulted in the death of 14 Americans, Graham went off the rails showing a new level of hate not yet exhibited in the 2016 presidential race.

Appearing on CNN’s New Day on Tuesday, Goober said Donald Trump was a “race-baiting, xenophobic religious bigot,” and mocked Trump’s campaign slogan.

“You know how you make America great again?” Graham asked. “Tell Donald Trump to go to hell.”

Not exactly the type of civility and “tone” the GOP preaches must be adhered to in order to not offend anybody, is it? Sounds like somebody is still butthurt over Trump giving out his cellphone number to reporters.

Graham didn’t stop there. Goober sounded much like Obama press secretary and paid liar Josh Earnest, who not only said that Trump had “disqualified” himself from being considered for the presidency, but also that any GOP candidate who doesn’t condemn Trump is also disqualified.

Goober said that Ted Cruz has a “moral imperative” to speak out against Trump, while questioning Cruz’s character if he doesn’t.

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Graham also went down the illogical and twisted idea that somehow Trump is empowering the enemy, “ISIL” (Goober calls is ISIL, not ISIS, just like Obama) with his rhetoric.

Instead, Graham, sounding like the closet Democrat he is, called for you to “invest” (grab your wallet) your tax dollars in the youth of the Middle East as a way to buy their favor — so they wouldn’t want to behead us — or something.

Lindsey Graham is no threat to anyone in the race, but the double-standard here is thick. If a more conservative candidate, say  Ted Cruz, would have told Jeb Bush to “go to hell,” you can rest assured that Cruz would be pressured to apologize from both the media and the Republican Party brass.

Goober, who is endorsed by fellow RINO John McCain, gets too much press for someone near zero in the polls. My apologies for giving him more. The story here is the double standard.


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Matthew K. Burke
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